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Friday, August 22, 2014

Blow Out

So, I did a blow out. I deep conditioned 2 weeks ago in preparation for this weeks blow out. After co washing, and applying a leave in, I twisted my hair in smedimum sections, and allowed it to air dry over night. I did not use oil.

The next morning, I applied a lite oil, and blow dried each section on med heat using only my fingers and a lite tension. I hold the hair streached as I blowdry each section. Working from root to tip, I make sure I do not over dry the ends of the hair.  Once complete, I used the pick attachment, and a high setting to to further dry the hair. Because I had previously sectioned and stretched with  my fingers, this only took 10mins. Here is the result below. At this point, if I wanted a straight style, I would reach for the flat iron.

When your hair begins to revert do not straighten it.  Use rollers, pin curls, twistouts, and braidouts, to keep your hair stretched and looking good. To limit frizz and friction, and keep your styles in tack avoid moisturizers, and opt for the GHM, lite oils, and butters on your Kinky curls.

 The first night, I pin curled my hair, this was the results. I removed the pins, and shook. Notice the shrinkage. 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Meet This Curly Girl!

Meet This Curly Girl

IndigenousCurls       How long have you been natural? What is Your hair type?   How was it received by family and friends? 

Kathie: I have been natural for a year and a half. My last relaxer was in August 2011. I big Chopped in October 2012. My hair is definitely in the 4 range. Whether I'm 4a, 4b, 4c, or a mix of all three, I don't know. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dont Play the Waiting Game... Live it Up!


We spend a good portion of our lives waiting. We wait on lines, we wait in traffic, we wait on hold over the phone. One study shows that we spend hours, and hours of our lives waiting. Over the course of your life you will spends months, or even years waiting! This begs me to ask: Are you waiting for your curls to grow out?

Many curly girls patiently , anxiously wait for the day their curls can fit into a puff.  With length check t shirts, miracle growth oils, and methods that  encourage you  do everything including, hanging upside down, it’s hard to miss the constant push for longer thicker curls. However, those curly girls who are waiting for their curls to grow, are missing something magical. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Meet This Curly Girl

Meet This Curly Girl

Name_____Débora Cunha____________
Occupation___Technical Textile___________
Location____São Paulo/Brazil_____________

IndigenousCurls       How long have you been natural? What is Your hair type? What made you decide to go natural?  How was your new style received by:  Friends, Family, Co-workers?
Débora Says: I've been natural since 2012, when I started my transition.  4 years of natural hair. My hair is 4A. Some parts are more dry, like the curls at the top of my head, and there are some other parts in the back of my head where the curls are more defined.

IndigenousCurls     3 Product Must Haves, and why.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

LOC 101

Top Tips

Layer the Liquid, Oil, and cream products on your hair section by section. Be generous with the products. Take this time to also detange your curls. Be sure to apply the Liquid First. Layering the Oil, and Cream, will help to lock moisture into your curls!

Be sure to keep you ends gathered, or your hair stretched until the liquid dries. Keeping your curly hair in twists, or braids will help you tackle your massive curls with ease.

L.O.C Every 2-3 days or as often as needed. Even when your hair is in a protective style you should continue a moisture regimen to limit shedding.

Perfect way to keep curls soft in between wash days.

You can use various types of oil, and creams to lock in moisture. You can mix and match your preferred oils and products for a custom blend that is perfect for You!

Not All products mix well. Experiment to see what products work well together. Some products tend to flake, and react with each other. Mix and match to find a custom combination that leaves your curls happy.


Rose Water
Leave In

Monday, June 30, 2014

4c Kinks: No Definition, But Plenty of Influence

Picture this: You see a woman strutting down  the street, fly from curls to toe. Her care free attitude, the sureness in each step, she exerts “Dopeness’  with each gesture, and you cant help but notice! You think to yourself “YASSSSS” or, you want to do a slow clap to celebrate her fierceness.  We have all seen this lady. In fact, sometimes we Are these ladies. She is an influencer.  Her style, her attitude, or general way of life captures attention. Some will  admire her. Some will make fun of her and say ‘who does she think she is’? One thing is for sure, most everyone will notice her. This is what is like to have natural 4c hair, in a world of relaxed and weaved styles. Some will embrace & complement it, & even join in on the journey. Others will make fun, or suggest a relaxer. Everyone will notice.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Simple Hairstyles

Simple Warm Weather  Hair Styles

With the warm weather, BBQ's and pool parties, you may be searching for your next  hairstyle that can stand up to the heat and humidity. Here are a few fool proof Do’s that will keep you looking polished, as the temps rise. These styles can go from day to evening by mixing and matching accessories. 

Up Do  |  Show stopping beauty

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Point of No Return : How to Bounce Back

The Point of No Return : How to Bounce Back

After years of abuse, your hair is giving up.  Years of bad practices have taken its toll on your hair and scalp. You have done each and every hair no-no twice. You slept without a bonnet. Went weeks without conditioning. Kept the same weave in all year. Braids have serious Hang time? Avoided trims. Relaxed your hair every 3 weeks. Used the iron on the hottest setting every day. Skipped the heat protectant. I’m talking about all the naughty things. Now you are left with thinning hair, bald spots, and splitting ends. Is your hair is getting shorter, but you are not cutting it. What do you do? Don’t fret There are a few things you can do to get your hair on track.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lazy Naturals Short Guide to More Moisture

Lazy Naturals Short Guide to Adding Moisture

Hello! I am a lazy natural. I avoid styles that take long to install, I avoid tedious techniques. I use short cuts, and simple tricks to streach the time in between wash days, and keep my tightly coiled curls happy. Here are just a few of my tricks for LAZY Naturals