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Thursday, April 17, 2014

How To make SunScreen For Your Hair

The sun can reak havock on your hair 

To keep your hair and skin healthy, it is reccomeded that you use sunblock. Here is a recipe for Home Made Sunscreen for curly hair. 

Many natural oils can act as a sunbock. Carrot seed oil has a SPF of 38-40, while oilve oil can have a SPF of 2-8. Mix 3 or 4 of theses oils in equal parts, and incorpoerat them in your styling regomine. You can also use grapeseed oil as your base and sweeten things up with raspberry oil, and macadiamia oil. Combine theses oils in a small jar and use as needed, and during the final parts of styling.  If your hair loves the thick stuff, reach for Avocado oil to coat your strands before heading out the door.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Meet This Curly Girl

Meet This Curly Girl 


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Love that Sweatshirt!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Going Natural At any Age

Going natural at any age

Hope I Look this Good at 70!

Almost 3 Years ago,  Jen went natural, and it wasn’t intentional. For years, Jen would sit at the edge of her bed, with grease, a wide tooth comb, magnetic rollers, and rolled her relaxed, ginger colored hair in perfectly uniform sections, and place a silk scarf over her head. In the morning, she would unroll her hair, and shape her cropped cut. This nightly ritual, and her short crop was her staple style as she conquered the Real-estate industry.  

Today Jen is retired, and lives a holistic life, using herbal remedies, and a exercise regimen to stay fit, vibrant,  and active. Her days are now spent doing community service, and thrifting, so Jen had little time to deal with the rigors of at home hair care. Jen began getting protective styles, a series of braided and weaved styles. She stopped getting relaxers, and started taking multi-vitamins for hair and nails.

 At 67 she began transitioning, trimming off a little bit of relaxed hair each time she changed protective styles. She was skeptical about how natural hair would look on her. But today she is 100% sold! Jen says, “Making a few changes to your lifestyle can make a big difference”. After spending nearly 3 years in protective styles, and treating her hair in-between each style, Jen was finally able to take a good look at her hair for the first time last week!