Monday, July 22, 2013

My 4c Wash & Go

Type 4  |  Wash & Go

 Wash and go” For type 4 curls, This is such a misleading term. You assume, all you have to do is wash your strands, and head out the door..  For my dense, kinky hair, that’s far from the case! My “Wash & Go’s” take me 30 min from beginning to end.

Type 4 hair is the most  tightly curled hair. The curls are so tight, they often curl around themselves or, each other, causing tangles, knots &, eventually breakage. Type 4 hair also has a tendency to shrink, and swell. This combination of shrinkage, swell, and coils, can lead to a mess at the top of your head.  Here is what I do to obtain a “Wash & Go” Look, with all of my coils, and no tangles.

It starts in the Shower | All about technique

My type 4 hair, can easily become dry. To avoid dryness, I  only cleanse my hair with conditioners, and I always seal in moisture using butters, and oils.   I let the water saturate my hair, until its heavy with water. I use 2 handfuls of conditioner and smooth (Not rake) through my hair from tip to root.

I allow the conditioner to sit-in my hair for 10 mins, then rinse 90% of the product. I love my type 4 coils, epically when wet. This is when the hair is easiest to work with.  Taking my hair section by section, I work in the  remaining conditioner, &  add my favorite oil (Tee Tree- Itching  /  Castor- Growth ). While still in the shower, I begin to twist my hair into 10 chunky twist (5 on each side). Adding  water, and oils as needed, for bouncy, wet twist, from root to tip. Twisting while in the shower, with a little conditioner and oil, takes me another 10 mins. After all 10 chunky twist are complete, I smoosh a leave in conditioner over the individual twist. And step out the shower.

Wash | Twist, Stretch, Moisturize |  Go

I allow my hair to drip dry, for a few moments,  then gather the twist in a tee shirt to avoid frizz. To achieve a more stretched look, I gather the twist into a high pineapple, then wrap  my hair in a tee shirt. I let dry for  10-15 mins (However long it takes me to get dressed), then remove the tee shirt.  I coat my hands in Shea Butter, and  take down the Pineapple, Smoothing  the twist with butter. At this point my hair is 60% Dry.  I begin to untwist starting at the nape, making sure my hands are well coated with a rich butter, or oil. As I remove the twist, They are not  completely defined, but stretched, moisturized, and detangled. I make sure to keep my hands out of my hair until it completely dry’s..  This ensures the least amount of shrinkage. How do you wash & Go your Kinky Hair? How many steps is your wash & Go.

 My 30 min Wash & Go


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