Sunday, September 14, 2014

5 scalp Symptoms to Watch for

 I was ready  to endure curl withdrawal. I said my goodbyes as I  prepared to tuck my curls away for a few weeks. I cleansed, oiled, and braided my hair. I had purchased an new brand of hair I had never her of, but despised to give it a try because I liked the color. By the 2 night I was faced with a serious problem. My scalp was on fire!
My scalp began to itch everywhere the hair came in contact with my scalp, which was basically everywhere. I applied cool tea tree oil to sooth the itch, and the itching ceased. I decided  the itching was just dry, tight scalp, and I went to bed. The next morning my scalp was once again itching.  4 days into my protective style and the persistent  itching  was tempting me to remove the style. As a last ditch effort I tried several home remedies. I applied cold aloe gel. It worked, but it wasn't long before my scalp was once again itching. I mixed apple cider vinegar and water and applied to my scalp. My scalp was soothed but began itching after a few days.  I had come to the conclusion that the hair was the source of my scalp irritation. The style lasted 10 days before I had to remove it. I learned a few lessons I wanted to share with you.

1. Listen to your body: when your scalp is itching, don't ignore  it. When your scalp is dry; quench it. When your scalp is irritated; sooth it. When all else fails remove it.

2. Home remedies Do work: using anti inflammatory solutions like aloe, and tea tree, can help sooth irritation. But be sure to find the cause of the irritation, and remove it. 

3. Prep your hair, always.   Soak the hair ahead of time. Use a solution of ACV and water and soak the hair for 15mins. Allow the hair to dry before installing. This removes any preservatives that are applied to packaged hair. Research brands before trying them. There are a lot of horror stories that start with a sketchy pack of hair, or a sketch hair dresser .

4. Watch out for these symptoms. If you experience any severe, or persistent symptoms contact your doctor:

Flakes with (painful/tender) sores

Excessive itching


Thin hair/ bald spot

Redness / irritation.