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Make Your 4c Curls Melt | 4 Simple Steps

Make Your 4c Curls Melt   |   4 Simple Steps

“If you called me names, & deprived me of the things I need, I wouldn't cooperate either” I read this in another Hair blog, and completely agreed.
Hair Feel Like Steel Wool? Keep Reading!


My 4c curls were HARD and CRUNCHY for a whole year. 
It wasn't my hair, it was ME. Your hair is not HARD, its dry. Yes, you may condition it. You may even use grease, and oils. Is your hair soft the 1st day, then dry soon afterwards.. Unbelievable shine AND feels like straw? 

Keep Reading! I have some advice for you!

Soft to the Touch 4c Hair  Is Possible! 

Step 1  |  Moisture Starts BEFORE You Wash

I PrePoo 

Take a mixture of your preferred Oils and apply generous amounts on the hair, while finger detangling, tip to root. Take your time, making sure not to snap, pull, or break the hair. Everyone’s hair is different experiment and see what oils work best for you. My 4c hair loves heavy oils. Here is my mix:

Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Lanolin Oil
Coconut Oil

Soybean Oil
Sunflower Oil

Proven to Penetrate the hair shaft and nourish dry hair 
Proven to Regrow Hair

I mix 3 or more of the oils together and let it saturate in overnight. I  pineapple my hair, and cover my head with a bonnet. When my hair was too short to pineapple, I would Wrap my head with a silk scarf, then put on a bonnet.

Step 2 | Co Wash

I don’t use shampoo often. Most of the time I co-wash. Using only conditioner (and a lot of it). I saturate my hair with water, then apply conditioner, tip to root. To make things easier I cleanse my hair in sections. I section my hair in 4, pin up 3 sections and apply conditioner to each section, tip to root. I make sure to smooth the sections with my palms (Not raking with my fingers). Without rinsing, I pin up the saturated section, and continue with each section. Once conditioned,  I remove all pins, and rinse. I reach for a wide tooth comb
 and while the water runs over my hair, I pass the comb tip to root, to remove any shed hairs.  I apply a quarter size amount of conditioner to my hair as a leave in. This whole process takes me 10mins.   I only shampoo if my hair is really dirty, and I always follow-up  with a deep conditioner.

Step 3  |  Deep Conditioner

 I deep condition once a week if my hair is not in a protective style. There are a lot of conditioners on the market. Experiment to find what works best for your hair. My 4c curls love heavy creams, and butters. I Always search for thick, creamy, conditioners with lots of slip.  I leave the conditioner in for 30mins the least. If my hair needs more TLC, I will leave  it in overnight. The one pictured above is my current Fav. 

*Watch out for protein overload. Ever heard of too much of a good thing? Protein is one of those things. If you are constantly conditioning your hair with protein based conditioners, it can make your hair brittle and dry. Be sure to switch up between alcohol based conditioners and protein based conditioners.

Step 4  |  Seal
After PrePoo & Co Wash -- My  Naked 4c Hair

After  taking the time to detangle, cleanse, and nourish, you want to hold on to those results. The best way to keep you hair soft for days, even weeks after washing, is sealing.  Coating your hair with nourishing oils, butters, and water will help maintain your style.  I seal every 3 days If my hair is not in a protective style. Here is what I use

Butter (Shea, Coco, coconut)

In a spray bottle I  add water,  a squirt of conditioner or pure aloe gel.  I Section my hair in 4, working 1 section at a time, I spray the mixture until my hair is damp (Not  dripping). I Take some butter, (I love shea butter) and smooth each section tip to root. I often take this time to detangle as well.  You should begin to notice you hair softening with each stroke. I gather the section, and twist it into a tight little bun, securing it with a pin. I continue this on the other sections,  ending with 4 small, well moisturized buns. I remove the buns 20mins later. Allowing any water to dry.
1 week old hair, sealed & stretched with a Braidout
I coat my hands in oil, and smooth the sections before removing the buns.When the buns are removed I have stretched soft to the touch 4c curls!  If your hair is not friendly with heavy oils, and butters, you should still seal your ends using lite products.  Sunflower Oil, Grapeseed, and Coconut oil may work better for your hair. 

No matter how you wear your hair healthy hair is good hair. Be good to your hair. Peace & Love


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