Friday, August 22, 2014

Blow Out

So, I did a blow out. I deep conditioned 2 weeks ago in preparation for this weeks blow out. After co washing, and applying a leave in, I twisted my hair in smedimum sections, and allowed it to air dry over night. I did not use oil.

The next morning, I applied a lite oil, and blow dried each section on med heat using only my fingers and a lite tension. I hold the hair streached as I blowdry each section. Working from root to tip, I make sure I do not over dry the ends of the hair.  Once complete, I used the pick attachment, and a high setting to to further dry the hair. Because I had previously sectioned and stretched with  my fingers, this only took 10mins. Here is the result below. At this point, if I wanted a straight style, I would reach for the flat iron.

When your hair begins to revert do not straighten it.  Use rollers, pin curls, twistouts, and braidouts, to keep your hair stretched and looking good. To limit frizz and friction, and keep your styles in tack avoid moisturizers, and opt for the GHM, lite oils, and butters on your Kinky curls.

 The first night, I pin curled my hair, this was the results. I removed the pins, and shook. Notice the shrinkage. 

Day 2 I did a flat twistout

Day 3 I did a Twistout 

 Day 4 I did a chunky twistout and pinned the front half up.

Day 5 I did a bantu knot out using oils and butters. 


Day 6 I rocked my puff

 Day 7, And my hair is in a loose bun, I used a donut for a full polished look. This was the 1st day I used a water based moisturizer to keep my hair healthy and shiny.

So there it is. 7 days
I will rock the bun for another 3 days, then I will install a protective style

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