Tuesday, September 9, 2014

This Could be Us..... But it's Not

The internet has a way of making everything look great. Social media timelines are filled with perfect celebrations, perfect pictures, and What seems like perfect lives. Well, I live in the real world, and Today I'm not feeling pretty. In fact, I am feeling quite ugly. I thought about slapping on a head wrap, or slicking my kinks into a bun. As I reached for the gel, I realised how I felt, could not be fixed with a handful of gel or a colourful scarf. Bad hair days are inevitable, but negative feelings can be overcome. I share my top "pick me ups" for mind hair and soul.

Flex - Look good and let go.

One saying  from cosmetology school: when you look good, you feel good. I didn't feel like  crafting a bun, but I went ahead and did it. And you know what? Immediately I felt NO difference. But as the day went on, I caught a few glimpses of my self, and like what I had seen. Good thing  I decided to not to allow that mornings feelings to dictate my look for the day. You may not feel like feel like flexing but go ahead and play  this song (link) while you flex in the mirror.  It's hard to move forward when you are focused on the past. Release the past, so that you can move on, and experience the joys of the future.

Summon your inner Warrior- and call on your army.
Let's face it, There are going to be days that will test your strength. There will be situations that test your resolve. There will be days when you are not sure how you will make it. Make no mistake about it, you are everything you are supposed to be. You were decisive enough to chop off your hair, or give up relaxers.
  On challenging days do not be afraid to summon that same strength. Take a good look in the mirror, and recall the previous times your strength was tested. Remember the times things were crashing & burning? Remember how you made it  through that difficult time?     If you are battling something, don't be afraid to call on your inner warrior. Just remember; you are strong. You are worthy. You are valid. You are beautiful. You are everything you need to be. If self affirming words are not enough, call a friend. Your circle of friends should be like an army, rallying around you during tough times.

Run like the wind. Or maybe bike?
Studies show that being active is a great stress reliever. When you run, your body releases  a sudden euphoric feeling experienced during prolonged strenuous exercise. If you are not into running maybe take a bike ride, or go for a brisk walk. Not only will your spirits be lifted but your body will thank you as well! Once you worked up a sweat, take a long steamy shower, using this method to keep your hair super soft, and moisturised.

The next time you find your self dealing with negative feelings, look good regardless, summon your inner warrior, and run like the wind!