Friday, September 12, 2014

Denman Dilemma

Avoid a Denman Dilemma

  When time is of the essence it can be tempting to take short cuts as you style your hair. Simple styles like a twa, the puff, and buns are easy styles that only require a few minutes.  These styles require minimal manipulation, and keep your  ends tucked away. Another shortcut that reaps positive benefits is the Green House Method to add moisture over night with out recking your style.   The Denman Brush is a very popular detangling tool among the curly community, but when used incorrectly it can have damaging results. 

Yes the denman can make quick work of a tangled mess. But you must ask; at what cost?  Working in smaller sections and taking more time to unravel knots will lead to less breaks as a result of the denman brush. I lose less hair when finger detangling, as compared to when I use combs and brushes. Instead of powering through a stubborn tangle, I take my time, rescuing as many strands before cutting the knot. With one pass of the brush  can cause manipulation damage, and breakage. However, My fingers are not my only tools. I use picks, and wide tooth combs and lubrication (water, oil, leave in, butters).   Working in smaller sections  allows me to target problem areas, and prevents me from pulling out healthy hair mixed into a knot. If you can, opt to use a moisturizer to limit friction and decrease tangles. Use your fingers 60% of the time. And reach for seamless wide tooth combs at a first option. But if you Must use a denman, follow the tips below:

Tips for Safe Denman Use:

1. Work in small sections

2. Use a moisturizer or oil for added slip while styling

3. Modify your brush by removing a row (or 2) of teeth.

4. Do not power through tangles instead, stop and tackle large tangles with your fingers.