Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Green House Method

Banish Dry Hair with the Green House Method

Keeping curls soft with frizz free methods

My highly porous strands are always battling against dryness. When left untreated, my hair can easily become dry, hard, and brittle. If your strands have a hard time retaining moisture, or accepting moisture, the Green House method is one way to keep your kinky curls hydrated and soft, with minimal shrinkage. Looking to extend the life of your stretched styles? The green house method can help!

The green house method relies on the heat from your body to generate moisture. As you sleep your hair is being locked & hydrated. Before bed, set your hair as normal. Seal you ends as needed. If you are rocking a stretched style, avoid water based moisturized to seal your ends. Reach for nourishing oils instead a water based moisturizer to avoid frizz and shrinkage. Put a plastic cap over your set curls, then your bonnet as usual. When you awake, remove the plastic cap, and allow any moisture to evaporate, before unraveling your set curls. Overnight, body heat creates a small amount of moisture, and traps it in the plastic cap. Some curly girls have a hard time sleeping with a crunchy plastic cap. If that sounds familiar, you can very lightly spray the inside of the plastic cap, and leave it on for upwards of an hour.

I use the method to extend the time in between wash days when rocking stretched styles. My sleek bantu knot out can last nearly 2 weeks, when I use this method. 

My braidouts are super soft, and  stretched for days after washing. If you are looking to maintain moisture in your stretched curls, using the green house method can help!

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