Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The relationship with your hair

Bantu Knot Out on Dry Hair

Are you in a healthy relationship? Are you patient, loving, caring, and understanding. When you look around are you surrounded by patient, loving, caring, and understanding individuals?  In all situations, Do you remain balanced? When you take time to evaluate what makes a  healthy relationship,  whether romantic, Platonic, or professional, you will begin to define  the very Characteristics that make a healthy relationship.  The relationship between you, & your hair is no exception

When you are balanced as a result, your relationships are balanced. The same rule of balance applies to your hair as well. When your hair is balanced your curls are happy. For a relationship to not only survive, but thrive, there needs to be a good balance of love, support, & patience. These  qualities create a firm foundation to build & grow upon. Weather you are applying this to a romantic relationship, or the relationship between you and your hair, you will need plenty of patience, love, caring/nurturing, understanding and balance.


Hair: your hair requires a balance of strength and moisture to maintain health. Use moisturisers, conditioners and oil to maintain soft healthy hair. Too much moisture can cause your hair to feel mushy. Too much oil can cause your hair to feel wiry. Too much conditioner can make your hair brittle. aim to strike a healthy balance to keep your hair happy.

Relationships: love requires give and take. You should aim to strike a balance of 50:50 in romantic, Platonic, and professional relationships. Who wants to be in a relationship where your partner only give 1%? It's not fair, unbalanced, and unhealthy.


Hair:  hair only grow a 1/2 in a month. With that in mind, you will need a bit of patience as you work towards your hair goals. Waist length hair will take a few years, be sure to remain patience as you are on your journey. There will be bad hair days, days where it seems you and your hair have misunderstandings, and disappointments. Stay strong, remain patient and

Relationship:  there will be days where communication is off. There will be disappointments , misunderstandings,  Stay strong, remain patient. Anything worth having is worth working for.


Hair. Understanding your hair is key to a low drama hair journey.  Take the time to get to know you hair. Experiment to figure out what your hair needs to thrive. Realize what styles compliment your hair type, texture, and density. It may take a bit of trail and error before you find your go-to's, but once you find what works it will be smooth sailing from there. Setting realistic expectations, and understand what your hair needs and what styles you like will make your journey enjoyable.

Understanding is also key to a low drama relations. Understand the nature of the relationship you have. Understanding the needs of the other party, their intentions, habits, and their expectations of you will help you to develop a healthy relationship