Thursday, October 10, 2013

Work Out & Save Your Hairstyle!

Curly Girls Guide to Sweat / Swim Proof Hair

Just because your hair is on point, doesn't mean your work out routine has to suffer. Weather your rocking a fluffy fro, a twistout, braidout, or press.  Keep Reading for tips to keep your hair intact while working out.

Be sure to moisturize the hair well. Dry hair tends to suck in moisture. The better moisturized your strands the less sweat your hair will take in. Co- wash when necessary to remove any buildup.

Braidouts/Twistouts/Bantu Knots/ Curly Fro's

Pull your hair into a high, taught pineapple. If you have more length, pull you hair into a double bun, to maintain your stretched style. This allow you to avoid bunching your ends into 1 large bun. Another option is a twisted bun. Wrap a breathable scarf around the style & hit the gym with no worries.

Stretched/Pressed hair:
Wrap your hair as tight as you can around your head. Take your time, and make sure the hair is securely wrapped before putting on a silk scarf. Make sure the scarf is snugly. Use Nourishing oils (not moisturizers)  as you  unwrap your hair post workout.  Make sure the hair is completely dry, and cool before removing the scarf.

Flat Twist
Spray your flat twists with a water based moisturizer, and wrap the style in a breathable silk scarf.


For many curly girls, fitting your crowning glory into a swing cap is a tall order. I highly recommend swimming caps. If a swimming cap is not an option follow these easy steps
       1. Corn Braid hair using ample amounts of a  thick leave in conditioner
       2. Completely Soak your braids with water  BEFORE hitting the pool or beach
This prevents your strands from absorbing the chlorine

The most important tips:

Do Not Remove the silk scarf until you are completely cooled. Do not remove the scarf until your hair is completely dry. Do not remove the braids after swimming until they are completely dry, be sure to follow any swimming with a 30min deep conditioner, and a ACV rinse to close the cuticle & remove any build up on your strands. Follow these easy tips and you’ll be looking great and feeling great from head to toe!