Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Affirmations for Natural Girls

in the mirror and repeat the following: 

I am more than good enough
I am everything
I am All that I need to be
Fear is a Liar
Doubt is a Liar 

Love the versatility of weave? Enjoying the results of protective styling? I'm not talking to you!
I'm reaching out to the girl who feels that she is not enough. I'm writing to the woman who is submerged in self doubt. I want to provide her clarity. I want to share another perspective.

To the girl who hides her curls in fear of rejection, I say: there is a whole world of people who accept you. team natural is strong, and our numbers are growing everyday!


To the girl who hesitates to let her hair down in fear of being laughed at, I say: there is a countless number of women  will admire you. There will be many who will be inspired by you!

To the girl who rushes to buy extension because their hair is not enough, I say: you are more than adequate. you are already everything you need to be.


To the girl who feels like she needs to be more, I say. you alone, are enough. You are powerful. You were born with an amazing spirit that I can use to better your body, image, and life. Each day, use this powerful tool wisely.

To the girl who values the options of others a little too much, I say: cut that crap out! Listen to your spirit guide, and keep you circle small and supportive. You are in control of your world and body. You are responsible for yourself. release unnecessary stress, by keeping naysayers at bay.

You alone, are all you need.

No additives necessary.