I came across this article in the New York Times written by 
hair care industry.  Home grown hair care brands launched with humble YouTube 

beginnings are now lining shelves of Target, and Wallmart stores nation wide.  This begs me 

to ask; Where do you purchase  your hair care products from? Large chain stores, or local 


Can We Take a Moment?

The complicated question of how to follow Lupita’s dream debut is one that has clearly been exercising the actress and her management, who recently confirmed that she will be providing the voice for Raksha in Disney’s live-action/CGI hybrid revisiting of The Jungle Book. The news that she’d also been cast alongside Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, and Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie in J. J. Abrams’s Star Wars: Episode VII, out Christmas 2015, meanwhile, sent the Internet into a collective frenzy. “I’m going to a galaxy far, far away,”.  As a child watching Star Wars for the first time, Lupita was intrigued by R2-D2 and C-3PO. “They just resonated with me,” she says. “Being able to convey emotions with just a few digital sounds—it speaks of good storytelling.”

We Just Love Her!!!
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Can We Take a Moment?

She just Glows! Her twa perfectly lined, and simple makeup, we just love seeing her everywhere! Check out Our TWA Must haves. 

Can We Take A Moment?

To Admire Kelis' Jet Black Curls?!

This fresh photo shoot just screams SPRING! Kelis talks about turning her guest house into  a museum-like gallery to archive unique pieces of her wardrobe while showing off these bouncy curls.   Kelis' super cute skirt, and curls are a prefect match!  Curly girls can achieve this look with  a perm rod set on wet or dry hair. Here are a few more shots of this super cute 'do. For the nitty Gritty Details on how type 4 curly girls can get a similar look, click! 

Confessions of a Product Junkie: Subscription Boxes & Expo's

By: Nikki of Urban Girl Fabulous

Hello... My name is Nikki and I'm a Product Junkie.  

While I love all types of products the main type that I can't get enough of are hair products. I've been natural for years, but in the most recent years I told myself I would let my hair grow out without cutting it all off. Which brings me to my current situation at hand.

Just a Few 

It all stared in 2011 when I went to 3 Natural Hair Expos in 2 different cities. You see, I live in Austin, TX...and we don't have events as often. It started in Dallas with the Nappiology Expo. I had a great time and I made a few purchases while there. There were also other vendors there that sold TShirts, earring, and other accessories. The next event I went to was the Nzuri Natural Hair Expo, OMG....I was in heaven. There were so many vendors, from Miss Jessie's to Taliah Wajjid. I think I stopped at every single booth. Remember the natural hair scene is still growing here in Austin at the time. Needless to say I left the expo with a few bags of goodies. To top the year off I finished with an event that Uncle Funky's Daughter Founder had in Houston. She had a more intimate event and I enjoyed that very much. It was one on one interaction with the actual owner/founder of the products. You had an opportunity to learn from the creator how to use the products properly and what works best for your hair type.  In 2012 I went back to the Nzuri expo and purchased even more products... Though I had tons I hadn't even used from the previous year. In between going to expos, I also signed up for curlBOX, a monthly subscription that has full sized and sample sized products delivered to your door once a month for $25. I loved that because it allows me to try different products and find ones that work for me. 

There you have it...between hair expos and my subscription service, I have my own Beauty Supply store in my closet, lol. But on a serious note, if you are new to the natural hair world, hair expos and  natural hair subscription are the way to go. It allows you try an assortment of products at an affordable price. Just try not to turn into a product junkie, lol. 

Indigenous Curls Thanks Nikki!
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Curly Musings From Around the Web

Curls make you want to dance?

Just came across the artwork of Jamilla Okubo, a Kenyan artist and textile designer currently attending Parsons and majoring in Integrated Fashion Design.  Prints and paint, Okubo’s colorful illustrations carries what I see as the promise of a very creative and successful future. Can’t wait to see what more this young student has to offer.

Afros Meet Mixed Media 

Have You Noticed?

It seems like curls, and natural hair are taking over the world, slowly. Kinks are featured in the New York Times Style Section, making a splash at Paris Fashion Week, and on day time TV. Advertisers and major brands are taking note! 

Gap is working with Natural Hair crush Urban Bush Babe   Cipriana   on the Campaign "Back To Blue.   

Add this to the list of things I love!

At&t features this little Curly cutie in their recent ads. So cute!

I recently came across this new collection from Diesel. Here's how their site describes the collection:
Diesel+EDUN present the second and final collection in their two-season collaboration. Inspired by the deep blue sky and dark nights of the African desert, treated and shimmer-coated denim run throughout the collection this season. As with last season, the garment theme is informed by a reinterpretation of the four-pocket jean of the 1970s popular on the streets of South Africa.

This 35-piece denim focused collection is entirely manufactured in Africa with the finest CCI cotton from Uganda. Running through the whole collection are four unique symbols inspired by Dogon culture and designed to reflect the heart of the collaboration

Models: Spoek Mathambo, Faarow – Siham and Iman  Hashiand Olugbenga Adelekan

Advertisers and large brands have always taken note of the changing fashions and trends, but Natural Hair is here to stay! I'm excited to see more Curly hair in print, & digital ads as well as on TV. 
Spotted a Kinky/Curly Head On TV? Let Us Know! 

10 Things People say that Makes TeamNatural want to Drop Kick Them

Natasha Jonas

I don't know anyone that doesn't like compliments about their hair. Unfortunately, we natural girls hear things that aren't really complimentary. Maybe it's a straight up insult, ignorance  or sometimes it is a backhanded compliment, and sometimes  it's just something that the other person could have kept to themselves. Personally I would prefer if people never said or asked the following:

1. Your braids or twists looks like Miss Celie's.  
      Say what you want but Oprah, and Whoopi have some nice hair on and off set

2. Are you going to do your hair? Or, why didn't you comb your hair?
      I may DO something, I may DO nothing. I find beauty in little imperfection. My hair hair hates        combs 

3. Can I touch it? (While reaching for my strands) And/or after said sanctioned or unsanctioned touching, follow up comment: "It's much softer than it looks".

     Some days I don't mind educating the masses about kinky hair. Other days I imagine drop kicking

4. Why don't you wear your hair curly like________ (name anyone with a completely different hair texture)?

    No 2 people are alike. Natural hair is versatile, and I can achieve nearly any style. Now mind your          business.

5. How did you get it to curl like that? how do you get your hair to do that?
        No one ever questioned my styling process when my hair was relaxed! But I'm happy to show             you how

6. Aren't you afraid of looking unprofessional?
 I tackle natural hair myths in the article ___Kinky Hair & Interviews __   

7. I couldn't go natural unless I had good hair, and in the same breath...You're braver than I am.

     **Takes long, calculated look at the commenter's hair, weave or wig** 

8. Wow, your hair grew! I just seen you last week!
       Lets have a little chat about shrinkage......

9.   Why did it look shorter before?
         Because it was in an updo? And because I have nappy hair that shrinks, a lot. I doubt it was shorter before, it was probably just nappier.  Good old shinkage. 

10. I would cut my hair and go natural, like you but....( insert ignorant statement here)  

Please know that I am generally thinking  these responses.  I've come to the conclusion that everyone isn't going to like my natural hair. Good thing they don't have to wear it! 

Anyone out there reaching for Knee Length?!

Hair Goals

I always wanted bouncing shoulder length hair. For years my relaxed hair would always seem to “stop” growing just barely grazing my shoulders. Stuck in-between neck and shoulder length.  No matter what I tried, my hair was always stuck in a ‘mid length’ rut.  I hadn’t realized that my hair’s potential solely relied on me, and how consistent I was with a healthy routine.  In order to reach my hair goals, I set small goals that help me to reach my larger goal. My 1st goal was to find a regimen I could stick to. It had to be easy, fast, and right for my dry/thick hair.

Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE Going Natural

Transition with Easy Tips

  • Use sulfate-free shampoos when shampooing, or co wash
  • Detangle from ends to roots.
  • Minimal styling to prevent breakage.
  • Do not flat iron or press the hair to match textures
  • Deep condition every other week especially right after a shampoo.
  • Keep the hair moisturized with a water based product.
  • Do not use products with petroleum as its 1st ingredient

Hurry Up and Buy | Whos a Menace?

Hurry Up and Buy | Who's a Menace? 

“Hello” The Asian man at the door greeted me
“Check your bags!” He demanded as I entered the local beauty supply store.  He had a row of cubby’s set up, and held on to patrons bags, as they browsed the store. I was shopping on a popular street, and had 3 bag from my shopping  haul. I reluctantly submitted my belongings and was given a tag to claim my bags after checkout. I fully understand why the owners felt the need to implement a policy to prevent loss. People steal.  I disagree with their methods.

Curly haired women spend more money, and purchase more products over all, when compared to straight haired women. Why treat your prized clients like prospective criminals? Why should I submit my recent purchases, just to brows your shelves? I took a look around the store, and soon realized I was being followed.  Each isle was manned by a different employee who kept a close eye, ( and even went so far as to stand behind me as I reach for different products). Annoyed,  I marched back up to the counter, demanded my things, and left! I vote with my purse.

“Hurry Up and Buy!”

This scene in “Don’t be A Menace” always cracks me up. But it’s no laughing matter.  I’m a certified product junkie. I can easily spend an hour in a well-stocked beauty supply store; reading labels, scanning bar codes, and searching for reviews before I purchase.  Countless times, I’ve been follow though a store, or  harassed as I take my time, reading labels, and scanning bar codes for reviews. Mom and Pop BSS cater to the Black community, and are often run by Asian business owners.  These owners and managers often give me the feeling that they do not value my business, and are only interested in making a buck. They are not always knowledgeable about the products they sell, and will often push a product in your hand, just to make a sell, regardless of your needs. I can tell you how many time I run in a store looking for a particular solution, brand, or texture, only to be sold something else.  I was chatting with a friend, who happens to be Korean, about my experience when I go shopping. She chuckled and said
“If black people took over the Korean BBQ market, from manufacturing to importing, Korean’s would be up in arms..”  

She was right. So what are we going to do about it? I’ve made a full effort to purchase locally, and organically. I’m choosing to purchase from small black owned business. Why? Because they understand my needs best. And at the very lest, they haven't followed me around a store, or forced me to leave my bags behind. I now get my oils from a small African import shop. What a difference in service!
“Hello, my sister” I’m greeted at the door “How can I help you” The black man behind the counter asks. (No bag check!)  I give him a quick listing of what I need, and as he’s collecting the items (Customer service) he begins to tell me other uses for the oils I purchased (Knowledgeable). He bags my items and gives me a card. What a pleasant experience.  I wasn’t harassed, over sold, or searched. Im hooked! Going forward ,I don’t care how long I have to travel to get proper service. Im voting with my purse. Any store that treats me as a potential criminal before potential client isn’t getting another red cent of my money.

Sound off! You ever had a negative experience at a small BSS. Followed? Accused of theft? Made to check your purse at the door? SHARE! 

Coils, Kinks and Waves are Critically Acclaimed

2 Reasons Why  I'm addicted to 
|Orange Is The New Black  
On Netflix

1   #1    This groundbreaking Netflix original series is hilarious! Immediately your connected to the flawed, but lovable characters, and soon realized there’s much more than meets the eye. I binged watched this show, and I’m eagerly awaiting the 2nd season.  Cleverly written, the story slowly unfolds leaving you wanting more of each character. Great writers! This show is  based on a woman’s experiences spending a year  in a minimum security prison.

2.       #2 Team Natural is WELL represented  in this critically acclaimed series, and I love it! From adorable  TWA’s  to Twist outs, and puffs, the characters are doing hard time, while the actors are  showcasing our amazing coils, kinks, and waves. Go Ladies! Looking Great! 

Danielle Brooks   

 Vicky Jeudy


Tanya Wright


Michelle Hurst

Samira Wiley 

Uzo Aduba

You Need this show in Your Lives!

The "N" Word

The “N” Word

Some people love it! Some people Hate it! Some people embody it.

I’m not talking about the word that was sinking Paula Deen’s career. I’m Talking about NAPPY.  The word still makes me cringe.  Yet it perfectly describes my hair when its misbehaving, dry, and unruly. I’m slowly coming to terms with the “N” word.  I rarely use it, Opting for gentler terms like tangled, puffy, fluffy, & kinky.  Part of me want to bury the word forever.  To me, it come with such a negative connation. “Girl your hair is too nappy, you need a perm!”  I’ve heard that many times.  But just like that other “N” word, Many who fit the “Nappy”  description refuse to bury it. They wear it proudly.  Crafting catchy names around it, they fully embrace it. The Happy to be Nappy movement is strong, and constantly growing.  Society as a whole has already embraced having a black first lady, but they have not embraced our hair. (You recall the scandal Malia Obama stirred up; wearing braids on a family vacation?)  

Perhaps, If I cringed less, and embraced the word more, society will adapt? Perhaps? I’m working on that, so here goes…….NAPPY NAPPY NAPPY. I love my Kinky hair, its only a matter of time before society loves it too. How do you feel about the word. 

Hairdresser Haters!


One day I was walking down a popular shopping avenue, and found myself in a strange position.  I had just taken down a protective style, and was proudly rocking my fluffy fro, while I ran a few errands.  As I walked past a beauty salon, I was approached by a hair stylist.
“You want a PERM?!” she asked loudly. I turned, looked at her head to toe, but did not respond.  I kept walking, my fro waving in the breeze.... 

No I didn’t want a perm. Why would she ask that? My hair was just passing the TWA phase,  and I had a healthy  4 inches to work with. I was happy with its progress, and my hair was healthy.  Why didn't  she ask if I wanted twists? Or Braids?  Why did she practically yell that question? If she was really interested in gaining a new client, (Or being a decent hairdresser) she would have noted my style and suggested a hair style to match. My Conclusion, She was a HATER. 

Her own hair was fried, dyed, and laid to the side. Her short crop appeared damaged, and dry, despite the tons of gel she used to slick it down. And her salon chair was empty. Could it have been her work as a hairdresser, her attitude, or her own appearance keeping her business down? I don’t know.   There are a few things I am sure of:

Your hairdresser should take the time to understand your needs, and the needs of your hair. Your hairdresser should never tell you, that you need a relaxer in order to achieve a certain style. (You should accept that natural black  hair will curl, Embrace it, & discover alternative styles). And most importantly you should be able to communicate with your hair dresser.    I have had to walk out a of couple salons, because I wasn’t happy with the way they detangled, or braided. If your uncomfortable speak up! You may come across a lot of haters in your lifetime, don’t let your hairdresser be one of them.

Peace & Love

I Big Chopped, But that wasn't the only thing I had to Cut!

 Chop  & Dating & Understanding

When I Big Chopped I was a few months into a new relationship. For years I rocked waist long weaves, huge fluffy wigs,  or braids, while my own hair was crying out for attention.  I spent months  researching, and planning how I would transition, what styles I  would rock, and how to maintain the new style. I was ready to make a change, but scared of the possible results.  One day, I came home, frustrated with life, I sat on the edge of my bed, & took out my weave.  “ I need a change” I kept telling myself, as I unraveled each braid. 30mins later the weave was gone, but I was unsatisfied.

 My hair was a dry, dull mess.  I took a long look in the mirror, examining every strand. I loved how my 2inches  of new growth had so much life,  Kink, & shine.  But the rest of the hair strand looked limp & lifeless. Without another thought chopped  off all my relaxed ends, and hopped in the shower. There I stood, with nothing to hide behind, no weave, no makeup, just me.  Minutes later  my boyfriend came over…….

“Oh Shit” He howled, as his eyes connected with my new do.
“You like it?!” I asked excitedly.
“What you ‘bout to do with IT?” he asked ,  His face had  “concern” written all over it.
“Nothing…” My heart sank. Not the answer I was looking for….
“I can rock some big beautiful  earrings, and headbands---“ he cut me off
“No Weave?” he asked, as he took a seat, breathing deeply. 
“ I have to get used to IT” He said, as his eyes bounced around my hair.
My feelings were hurt. He could of lied, and left my feelings intact. Hindsight is 20/20, today I appreciate his honesty.

We had a group outing planed the following weekend, but he canceled, sighting fatigue. I had a feeling it was my new do.  As weeks, passed, I noticed a change in our dynamic. Once extremely affectionate, he began to become distant. He used to walk with his arm around me, post BC, he would barley hold my hand in public. I began to feel as if my hair wasn't good enough. I noticed his eyes would travel to girls who still rocked their long weaves.  Occasionally he would point out hairstyles on other girls he liked. They were all flat glossy weaves.  2 months after BC I began to develop a complex, between his side comments, and the surprising reaction from my Mother. I felt insecure, and started regretting my decision. I purchased a (hideous)  full lace wig, and hid under that for 2 weeks. My Boyfriends response:
“You look like ‘You’ again!” He was excited, and immediately offered to go out on a date. I smiled and agreed, but I was boiling inside.

   Did he only like me for my unauthentic appearance? Why was he only affectionate, & romantic when I had 18in weave? His true roots were starting to show & I didn't like it one bit.   Needless to say, we broke up, and I was happily single!

Time passed, and I was sitting on the edge on my bed, once again, in dire need of a change.  I had been rocking braids 6moths post BC. I had also started dating someone new.  His hair was locked, and he fully understood the needs of natural hair. He seen the beauty of my coils and complimented even the most shrunken wash & go’s.  His family introduced me to natural hair products.  

My hair (& Love life) has been thriving ever since. He finds my 4C hair sexy & I love that.
My experience with Dating, & Big Chopping, may, or may not be unique.  What was your experience? Was it well received?  Do you attract a different type of person depending on your style? Ladies Weigh in!