Monday, July 1, 2013

Hairdresser Haters!


One day I was walking down a popular shopping avenue, and found myself in a strange position.  I had just taken down a protective style, and was proudly rocking my fluffy fro, while I ran a few errands.  As I walked past a beauty salon, I was approached by a hair stylist.
“You want a PERM?!” she asked loudly. I turned, looked at her head to toe, but did not respond.  I kept walking, my fro waving in the breeze.... 

No I didn’t want a perm. Why would she ask that? My hair was just passing the TWA phase,  and I had a healthy  4 inches to work with. I was happy with its progress, and my hair was healthy.  Why didn't  she ask if I wanted twists? Or Braids?  Why did she pratically yell that question? If she was really interested in gaining a new client, (Or being a decent hairdresser) she would have noted my style and suggested a hair style to match. My Conclusion, She was a HATER. 

Her own hair was fried, dyed, and laid to the side. Her short crop appeared damaged, and dry, despite the tons of gel she used to slick it down. And her salon chair was empty. Could it have been her work as a hairdresser, her attitude, or her own appearance keeping her business down? I don’t know.   There are a few things I am sure of:

Your hairdresser should take the time to understand your needs, and the needs of your hair. Your hairdresser should never tell you, that you need a relaxer in order to achieve a certain style. (You should accept that natural black  hair will curl, Embrace it, & discover alternative styles). And most importantly you should be able to communicate with your hair dresser.    I have had to walk out a of couple salons, because I wasn’t happy with the way they detangled, or braided. If your uncomfortable speak up! You may come across a lot of haters in your lifetime, don’t let your hairdresser be one of them.

Peace & Love