Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Looser Curls Over Night | Flexi Rod Set Results, and Details

Looser Smoother Curls 
Over Night 

Flexi Rod Set

By Mionna of JustMiBlog 

Instead of doing the regular twist out, I decided to try something different.

Flexi Rod Set on Transitioning Hair

I bought a set of flexi rods back when I was transitioning. I was at the point where I couldn't wear my hair straight anymore because my roots were taking over!  I only used the flexi rods one time & the results were great!! Here's what it looked like, and here's what I used!

Looked good right?? And I didn't know half the stuff then that I know now, so I figured why not give this another whirl. I couldn't quite remember what products I was using during this time so I had to pick the products I thought would work best for me now. The products I used were:
  • Design Essentials Curl Cleanser
  • Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner
  • It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin
  • Influence Natural Oil
  • Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter
  • Design Essentials Defining Creme Gel

I washed my hair as normal,  except when it was time to twist my hair, I put in flexi rods. For each section of hair I sprayed it with the leave-in conditioner, followed by a little oil, then creme gel, for hold. I then wrapped each section of hair around a flexi rod until my whole head was complete. Here's a peek at what they looked like. When I was putting the rods in, I could tell that I probably should have used setting lotion. Since I had just washed my hair, I didn't want to put something in there that I knew I would have to wash out before 2 weeks.

Here is the finished product! Overall, I think the it turned out great. The only problem I had with it was that it wasn't as polished as it could have been. It was very frizzy and didn't last as long as I know it can. It was also very dry. I tried to put moisturizer in my hair, but it was hard to do that without making it more frizzy than it already was... BUT, it looked good while I had it in.  What do you guys think??

After 2 years,  I still feel like a novice. I'm still trying  different things; still trying to do different styles and find new products that will l help me achieve certain looks. The main thing I makes sure to tell people is that this is a journey. I've never been too good at doing my own hair, so I think that hinders some of the progress I could be making, but the main thing I'm doing right is that I continue to try! You have to be confident about your hair.  People will always compliment you on your hair,  but if you don't like nobody else will either!!

Indigenous Curls Thanks Mionna for this post! You can read more from Mionna at JustMiBlog. Have you had a successful rod set? What products do you use to set, and hold your curls.