Friday, September 27, 2013

Anyone out there reaching for Knee Length?!

Hair Goals

I always wanted bouncing shoulder length hair. For years my relaxed hair would always seem to “stop” growing just barely grazing my shoulders. Stuck in-between neck and shoulder length.  No matter what I tried, my hair was always stuck in a ‘mid length’ rut.  I hadn’t realized that my hair’s potential solely relied on me, and how consistent I was with a healthy routine.  In order to reach my hair goals, I set small goals that help me to reach my larger goal. My 1st goal was to find a regimen I could stick to. It had to be easy, fast, and right for my dry/thick hair.

Since going natural I have updated my routine countless times. I alter my regimen depending on the weather,  my current style, and my current short term goals. I distract myself with challenges like, the no length check, JBCO challenge, and protective styling challenge.  These challenges allow me to focus on one aspect of a Healthy Hair Journey and stop obsessing over the larger goal (Awe inducing, jaw dropping, bigger than big, view blocking hair).

Almost 3 years into my journey  and  my hair is longer and healthier than ever. 
  • o   My 1st year my hair was Neck Length, I did a lot of protective styling & Buns
  • o   My 2nd Year my hair was Shoulder Length, I did a lot of protective styling & Braidouts
  • o   As I’m coming closer to my 3rd anniversary, my hair is just shy of Arm Pit Length, I’ve worn my hair in ‘out’ styles more often, and find I have to seal and moisturize more often.  I find myself reaching for  Head wraps on bad hair days.

I’m currently Distracting myself with a JBCO Challenge, then I will jump into a protective style challenge, and the inversion  method challenge (Details to come). Today I have new hair goals, healthy Mid Back Length.   Share with us your hair goals! Anyone out there reaching for Knee Length?!