Monday, July 1, 2013

The "N" Word

The “N” Word

Some people love it! Some people Hate it! Some people embody it.

I’m not talking about the word that’s sinking Paula Deen’s career. I’m Talking about NAPPY.  The word still makes me cringe.  Yet it perfectly describes my hair when its misbehaving, dry, and unruly. I’m slowly coming to terms with the “N” word.  I rarely use it, Opting for gentler terms like tangled, puffy, fluffy, & kinky.  Part of me want to bury the word forever.  To me, it come with such a negative connation. “Girl your hair is too nappy, you need a perm!”  I’ve heard that many times.  But just like that other “N” word, Many who fit the “Nappy”  description refuse to bury it. They wear it proudly.  Crafting catchy names around it, they fully embrace it. The Happy to be Nappy movement is strong, and constantly growing.  Society as a whole has already embraced having a black first lady, but they have not embraced our hair. (You recall the scandal Malia Obama stirred up; wearing braids on a family vacation?)  

Perhaps, If I cringed less, and embraced the word more, society will adapt? Perhaps? I’m working on that, so here goes…….NAPPY NAPPY NAPPY. I love my Kinky hair, its only a matter of time before society loves it too. How do you feel about the word.