Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Top Tips for growing out your 4c Kinks!

I’m excited to return with more Kinky Hair Love. 

Starting a natural hair journey, or any personal journey requires  patience, time, knowledge, and determination.  When I started my natural hair journey over 3 years ago, my goal was Bra Strap length hair. I had an idea of what I wanted the final product to look like, long cascading curls that would  fall down my back. Massive “view blocking’ hair. A giant fluff of curls that demanded respect, or  at the very least, I wanted curls that demanded attention. 

Three years later,  I have reached my length goals, only to discover something shocking. Those goals were not at all what I really wanted. What I really wanted was healthy hair.
Healthy hair always looks good. Weather worn shrunken, or stretched. Healthy, moisturized kinks look amazing! When I had set my original  hair goals, I didn’t know the 1st thing about shrinkage. Three years later, I realized that Bra Strap Length 4c hair worn in a shrunken state, will only reach to your ears!
Can you imagine the disappointment during my annual  length checks? Bra strap length hair, Check! Cascading curls? Not quite. Curls are not happening without a braidout, or twistout. So 3 years later massive view blocking hair is still on the ‘to do’ list. I reached my goals, only to set new, more realistic ones. I now know that my  4c hair is not curly. The unique zig zags my strands form make it impossible for my hair to clump and curl without the assistance of a braidout, twistout, or bantu knot out. My curls will not stay put without a setting product like Flax seed, or a setting lotion. On your journey there will be plenty of trail and error. Do not let it stop you, remain determined. There should be goals set,  benchmarked evaluations. Try to track your journey. Keep a record of what worked and what did not work for you. Remain patient. Your hair will work your nerves! When you become frustrated, tuck your ends away, and keep hope alive. Any goal worth having will take time, especially hair goals.  Continue to research. The Natural hair movement is growing by leaps and bounds, it seems there is a new product, or method being formulated every day. Don’t be afraid to try what makes sense for you & your strands.

Drastic changes  are not much different from  a  natural hair journey. They both require patience, time, knowledge, and determination. And when frustration builds, take a step back, try something different, or tuck your hair away for a while, and return with a fresh perspective. 

My top tips for gaining length with kinky hair:

Have lots of patience, time, knowledge, and determination. With out these key qualities, your hair journey will be difficult.

Listen to your hair. Is your hair dry, sheding, breaking? Your hair is telling you something! Jump into action

Moisture is key - moisturize daily, use water, yes water!

Be gentle - 4c hair is fine by nature. Treat each strand with love. If your hear your hair 'popping' or breaking, you are not being gentle enough.

Finger Detangle first - even if you have not sworn off combs all together, you should finger detange first, then follow up with a wide tooth comb if needed.