Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Meet This Curly Kid | How Mom Handles That Hair

Meet This Curly Kid!

Mom Says:

      Everywhere I go, everyone seems to be fascinated with my son`s hair.  I mostly get questioned how long does it take to do his hair?  How long does much time does it  take to  redo his hair?

 To answer those two questions: taking his hair out is the easy part!
Braiding it is the most time consuming.

Here’s How I Do It:    


Step One  |  Taking his hair out

One would think sitting there unbraiding his hair would take hours, but taking it out is the easy part.  He has Type 4 hair. Those twist you see are not full twist!

His hair is  braided, only about an inch from the roots. The rest is twisted.  I tried using a  natural hair & scalp comb-out conditioning spray. It was supposed to make it easier to comb his hair out, but it really did not work… I was completely frustrated.  

What I find is by simply wetting his hair and using a tail end comb taking his hair out is a breeze. It usually takes me about half an hour to complete the style, its worry  free for 3 weeks!

Step Two |  Washing  Hair

He really hates this part but it is the fastest step. I wet his hair evenly then apply a cream of nature (sunflower and coconut) detangling conditioning shampoo scrubbing thoroughly to ensure his hair is clean before rinsing. I repeat this step two or three times depending on how much dirt I see. I then apply a Motions weightless detangling conditioner , which gives his hair a really soft and smooth texture. While the conditioner is still in his hair I use a large tooth comb  to ensure that its Detangled and soft. By doing that I am sure that while I'm braiding it remains soft. No crunchy dry twist!

Step Three  |  The most Time Consuming part

In order to lessen the time I usually stretch & straighten his hair out.  Working with his stretched hair allows me to catch all fly always, and insures the style lasts for weeks, not days.
"Half Way Done"

 After completely stretching his hair out,  I part it out into three sections, to make it a little bit more manageable. Longer Type 4 hair can seem daunting. Sectioning allows for breaks, and keeps the hair manageable. When braiding his hair I use this really amazing product and it smells amazing.   

Jamaican mango & lime shea butter conditioning shine. I love it! I love it! It give his hair an amazing shine and helps the  twist last alot longer than other products I have tried. The style  lasts for about 3 weeks.

Indigenous Curls asks: How are you managing your Curly Kid's Hair?