Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hey, Mean Girl, Yea, YOU!

We Need a Little TLC | Message to Curly Mean Girls  

"Don’t go chasing waterfalls
please stick to the rivers
and the lakes that you’re used to 
I know that you’re gonna have it
your way or nothing at all
but I think you're moving too fast”

I think TLC Summed it up well!  Dont do Too Much, Stick to what works for you, stick to what you know, & take your time. All too often I see girls suffering from Curl Envy, or Curl Hate. On the other end of the spectrum, there are curly MEAN girls, or Natural Natzi’s.

I began My Natural Hair journey 2 years ago, but only recently began to search online for other curly girls to connect and share stories with. I was delighted to find there were so many women who decided to take the natural hair journey. I was even more excited when I came across several Internet communities on Facebook, Google, Twitter, and tumblr, with thousands of coily, curly, kinky, twisted, braided, and fluffy haired women. The excitement quickly faded as I began to read the posts. We need some TLC.  There was a myriad of posts from The impatient to the embarrassing...

Things I see Online..... 

“I hate my hair”

“I want her curls”

“Its not growing”

And the unbelievable…….

Weave as a protective style,  isn’t natural, its just a Weave”
“Braidouts, and twistouts are not natural, Only afros’s are”
“Your Mixed so, you hairs not natural, just curly”
“If you loosen your curls you hate yourself”
“If you blow out your hair, you're not on #TEAMNATURAL anymore"

“I know that you’re gonna have it your way or nothing at all
but I think you're moving too fast”

Slow Down Ladies. Take a seat. Have a glass of wine. Sit on Nikki’s Couch. Turn off VH1!

Perhaps, each one of us needs to look in the mirror before projecting any negativity elsewhere, weather it is from behind a keyboard or in your person to person interactions. Love one another. There’s way too much bickering in many of these Internet communities. There’s is too much divisiveness, and petty back & forth. How can we expect the world to accept and love our curls, when we cant accept and love other curly girls?