Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Low Manipulation Hairstyles

 Low Manipulation Hairstyles

 These Cute styles allow you to limit manipulation damage to your curls. A good Low Manipulation hairstyles must do 3 things:
  • These styles tuck your ends away, thus increasing length retention
  • These simple styles can limit the amount of hand to hair contact, thus decreasing manipulation damage
  • Limit Tangles because the hair is either stretched, or gathered together

 Let’s face it,  with super soft hair,  it can be  hard to keep your hands away. Each time you touch your hair, you can cause a little damage.  The daily rigors of detangling, and styling can leave your strands in need of a break. Check out our top Low Manipulation styles for type 4 curls! 

Adorable styles like a Bun:

Flat Twist

Twists/ Mini Twists

Tuck & Roll & Pin

Tumblr for more Fab Curly Girls

All of these styles can give your curls a break from daily styling. Be sure to continue a moisture routine to keep your hair soft, and healthy. The only thing protective styling gives you a break from is daily styling. Use water, aloe, oils, and butters, to maintain soft hair for days.


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