Sunday, May 4, 2014

How To | Take down your Protective styles

Protective styles allow your curls to go weeks without manipulation damage. Even if you have a good moisture routine,  manipulation damage can limit length retention.  For particularly fragile hair types you may  will want to keep your hair in protective and low manipulation hairstyles 70% -80% of the time to allow your hair to recover, and retain length. Instead of detangling with combs or brushes you may want to try finger combing before reachign for a comb.  When installing your protective style,  you have to be gentle with your hair. Take your time, and use your fingers, unless you are sectioning your hair.  The more you comb, style, or touch your hair you are causing damage to it. If you have particularly fragile hair, like 4b or 4c hair, this type of damage is easy to come by  when  your installing your hair style. 

When enoying a portective style, you must make sure to care for the curls underneath the style.   Here are my top tips for having a successful protective style, with minimal sheding. Too often I hear of people complain that a protective style ruined their hair. Follow these tips to save your strands, grow that hair, and give yourself a break from daily styling.

Tip 1 | Give Your Curls Good Vibes

Moisturize                                                Before  | During | After

For curly girls, moisture equals soft healthy hair. Be sure to moisturize your hair prior to styling. Use Hot Oils, or a thick moisturizing condiioner before installing your next style. Before I twist or braid my hair I deep condition, and seal with heavy creams and butters.  I also continue to hydrate my curls, spraying my ends, and/or oiling my scalp every 2-3 days while my hair is protected. In a spray bottle, I mix a leave in conditioner, water, and my preferred oil. Protective styling only gives you a break from styling. You must  still continue a moisture routine with your protective style. Moisture is also the key to a successful low shedding take down. I use my water based homemade mist to moisturize my strand as I take down the style. I also use the mist to loosen and remove any lint tangled in my hair.  Since using water based moisturizer, while taking down my styles I notice less shedding, and easier detangling after wearing protective styles for weeks.

Tip 2 | Not Too Hot, Not Too Tight

Check the Tension, Check the Heat
 or do your own dirty work.

Your hairstyle should not hurt. If it does, follow these tips when your  Hair is Too Tight? Save yourself a headache, and speak up while the style is being installed. If you are uncomfortable while in the chair, you will be uncomfortable at home.  Many styles require the stylist to straighten or stretch your hair. Be sure the hairdresser is treating your hair with same love you would. Use heat protectants, and cooler settings ALWAYS. I reccomned having a consultation before sitting in any cosmetomogist chair. If detangling your hair requires special skills, I suggest you arrive at the salon with the dirty work already done. I confess, detangling my hair is a Job in itself; sometimes I rather pay someone to deal with it.  However, I rather save my strands, and gently finger detangle myself.