Friday, April 18, 2014

60 Day Protective style Challenge | Struggle Post

With 14 Days remiaing in this 60 Day protective style challenge, I am struggling. Each day, I peek under my protective style, in an effort to gage just how much growth is going on under there. I am currently expirencing classic signs of curl withdrawl.

What a struggle! The only thing saving this challenge, was my ability to change hairstyles every 10 days. If I had to rely on a salon to install my protective styles, I don't think I would have survived this challenge.  I began this challenge with a partial weave. My curls could not blend with the silky weave for more than a week. I refused to apply heat, and using the banding method was not getting silky results.

 I removed that style, Deep conditioned, and   installed a full head weave. This style was super cute, I used a bit of color, since I will not color my own hair, at this time. I enjoyed playing with different lengths, textures, and colors without having to make a permanent commitment with my own hair.

 2 weeks later, I installed an invisible part weave in a show stopping, 24 inches. I enjoyed this style because it was such a departure from my real hair.

I have no plans to cut my bangs, but I really enjoyed rocking these blunt, coco colored bangs, as well.  More than half way through my challenge, it is becoming easier. I still peek under my protective styles daily. This 60 day challenge, has moved from a daily  struggle, to a well needed break from styling my curls.

My Final protective style for this challenge will be simple.  I will revisit crochet braids. They are a snap to install, the hair is cheep, and the style can last for weeks. I miss my curls terribly and I will probably get curly hair for this last style. I cant wait  to share my 60 day challenge results with you! As Always I continue a moisture regimen while my hair is protected.

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