Thursday, April 24, 2014

3 Ways to Perk Up Your Conditioner

3 Ways To

I am a recovering product junkie. For years bottles, canisters, and sprays would line my dresser, purse, and bathroom sink. Even now and then, I would come across a conditioner that fell short of my expectations. 

Tip 1  |  Add Oil

When I would come across a conditioner that wasn't slippery enough for me I would add a hand full of oil, either to the bottle, or to my hair as I worked the porduct in. Adding oil to your conditioner will give the product more slip, making cleansing, and conditioning easier. Adding a nutrient rich oil to your conditioner will only yield positive results for your hair. Use your favorite oil to perk up a drab conditioner.

Tip 2 |  Add Shampoo or Yucca

Once upon a time,  I was obsessed  with squeaky clean hair. Unaware that I was stripping my hair of not only, dirt, but needed oils. The moment I began Co washing I noticed my hair was so much more healthier, and my curls LIVED happily ever after. I began co washing my hair 3 years ago. I love the results I have noticed since then, but from time to time I notice build up on my strands. When I feel like my hair needs a deeper cleaning, I add a few drops of shampoo to a cheep conditioner. The mixture begins to foam, and lather, leaving my hair clean, and nourished. Yucca, is a great shampoo alternative. Yucca lathers, and acts similar to shampoo, with out stripping your strands. Yucca is found in many SLS Free Shampoos, your local health store, or online.

Tip 3 |  Add Baking Soda

There are times when the the oils I use to seal my hair can began to build up on my strands, making my hair appear dull. The build up of oils can lead to increased lent, and dirt getting trapped in my strands. When this happens, I add 5-6 spoonfuls on Baking Soda to a Cheep conditioner. The bacon soda soaks up the additional oils, while the powder acts as an abrasive, exfoliationg the scalp, and increasing blood circulation. Use the pads of your fingers to gently message your hair and scalp. Rinse well to ensure no left over bacon soda is in your curls.


What are your tips for perking up your conditioner? What do you do with your disapointing buys?