Saturday, September 28, 2013

Top 7 Countdown | Hair Accessories

The Top 7 


The only thing that makes perfect, ‘over the top’ curls better is, Gorgeous Accessories!

IndigenousCurls counts down the top 7 hair accessories for natural hair

Coming in at #7 is the Hat

Who doesn't love a fly hat?!          Enough Said.


Coming in at #6 is the Head band

From tapered cuts, to knee Length hair, Hair bands jazz up any hair style. They come in unlimited styles, materials, & colors so finding the prefect head band for the occasion is easy! 

Coming in next at #5 is the Simple Bow

These simple cuties, work great for children as well as the young & playful at heart.  There are nearly unlimited patterns and colors and sizes!



Coming in at number 4 is the Hair Ribbon

This little strip can hold up your pony, bun, and spice up almost any style, and can replace those disappearing scrunchies




#3 on the list is the Hair Flower

Pretty. Feminine. Simple. You can never go wrong with a flower! 

Coming in at # 2 is the Beenie 

Casual stylish elegance for just a few dollars. 
Instant swag: Priceless.

Number 1 on the list is the Hair Scarf


There are a million ways to tie it, and zillions of patterns, fabrics, and colors to choose from. The Ultimate bad hair day saver. Every curly girl should have at least 1.


SOUND OFF! What is your favorite hair accessory? How do you Jazz up your curls? How do you save a bad hair day? Share with Us! 

All photos credit Tumblr