Saturday, March 15, 2014

Trimming Natural Hair

When to trim?
When I relaxed my hair, I would trim my ends every 6-8 weeks, along with my relaxer touch ups. I was told that trimming often will keep my hair healthy, and promote growth. Since going natural, many ‘hair care rules’ I once lived by, have been revamped.
 Here is what I learned:

What promotes hair growth?
Despite what you may hear, trimming your ends will not promote hair growth. There are topical solutions that can increase blood circulation to your scalp. Also, there are  many ingredients that boost your metabolism, like vitamins, can increase your hair growth from within. Preventive measure that diminish the chances of split ends, can will help with length retention. The more length you retain as your hair grows, the longer your hair will be. It is not necessary to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks, this will not magically make your hair grow. However, scalp massages could help! Also, check out this list of topical solutions, that have been proven to work, and help grow healthy curls.

When to trim your ends?
Why trim based on a calendar? The most important tip any natural can get is to listen to your hair.  If you trim every 6 to 8 weeks, you will only slow down length retention. Remember hair grows ½ inch a month on average. Many believe that curly, kinky hair grows even slower than that. If your goal is to achieve long kinky hair, you’re going to have to retain length, while  promoting growth. Trim only as needed. I trim my hair twice a year. Some curly girls only trim every few years. Instead, I target my spilt ends. Instead of sacrificing inches of, otherwise healthy hair, I take my time and thoroughly examine my ends.  I only cut what needs to go. It takes me about half an hour to snip my troubled ends, while I detangle. If too many strands seem damaged toward the ends, I will do a ‘dusting’, or ‘micro trim’. On stretched hair, I target my split ends, then I trim less than ¼ inch all over. The hair that was trimmed is so short, it look like dust. And I am left with healthy ends, that will not continue to split up the hair shaft.

Why is it different now?

Relaxed hair is technically weaker than unaltered, natural hair. The process of relaxing hair can be brutal on your hair and scalp. Relaxed strands are naturally weaker, due to the process. To avoid damage, many stylist suggest you trim your ends with each relaxer. Because many suggest that you relax you hair every 6-8 weeks, you are suggested to trim at that time as well. Since going natural I take more time to evaluate the health of my hair, and respond by giving it what It needs to thrive. If my hair is dry I give it moisture, If my ends are split, I let go of any troubled parts. Keep your hair trimmed and moisturized as needed. 

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