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Just as it is important for you to keep your hair trimmed, it is equally important what type of tool you use to trim

Rarely Asked (But Important) Questions.....

Do you have the BEST sheers for your hair?
What are the best sheers for your kinky hair?
How did you select your current sheers? 

It is absolutely vital that you keep your hair scissors clean, sharp and nick-free.  Keeping them is the best condition possible will make a noticeable difference in the ease of use, & More importantly, the final result of your trim. If you allow your  hair shears to become dull, they will bend the hair over the scissors and tear it, rather than finely cut it.  This will result in a poorly executed, uneven cut that WILL damage the ends of the hair, Especially our fine, fragile, curls. Snipping with dull sheers will only cause further split ends. A deadly cycle! (have you done a micro trim or dusting, only to spot more split ends a week or so later? You may not have missed those strands… Your hair may be begging for help!)

We’re not all professional hair cutters. There’s no reason to run out and spend $100+ on cutting sheers. Those found in the beauty supply store are sufficient. Be sure to try them out before leaving. 

Are they comfortable? 
How do they fit/feel in your hand?
How does the length work for you. 

Sharp Enough? Smooth Enough?

Do a few test snips in air, make sure you can Hear the blades (the classic “snip snip” sound). If there is any dragging,  or resistance,  grab another pair.  I’m always looking to save money, however scissors are one of my Necessary splurges. I find the higher price point sheers come with a better quality, better handle, and sharper “snip”. (SHEER CHALLENGE: go to your local BBS and snip away. Try all the sheers you can get your hands on.  You will hear the difference. And after your first dusting you will see it as well!). You should check to insure correct scissor tension by fully opening your scissors and then allowing one blade to drop freely towards fully closed position. When the tension is correct, it should stop smoothly at the ten-to-the-hour position. If its blade dose not swing out smoothly, grab another pair. I find the mid-priced scissors work best for my needs ( I always purchase the sheer that cost a little more than the cheapest set available in my local bss) 

Best Blades
There are 1000’s of scissors. Which blade works best for your kinky hair. Broadly speaking there are two types of hair cutting scissor blade: bevelled edge and convex. Which you choose depends on where you are in your career, personal preference and what you can afford. Most local BSS carry a wide range of Bevelled sheers.  My first pair of sheers were beveled. Bevelled-edge blades are made from a mixture of metals which makes them lightweight. Most European scissors use this design often with micro serrations on one or both blades, like the Kobe AB-Initio President. Micro serrated blades are great when you're learning to cut hair as they stop the hair sliding down the blade. My first pair were beveled.  They're also good for slow detail cutting or use on dry hair, which is the best way to cut extremely curly hair. Polished bevelled-edge blades, like those on the Jaguar Pre Style Slice, are the ones to use for slicing and can also be used for virtually all other cutting techniques. 

Convex! The Last Pair of Sheers you will ever Buy. Convex blades are the sharpest type of blade with a razor-like edge. (Do not run your fingers across those!) All convex-edged scissors are hollow on the inside of the blade which gives a very smooth cutting action. They can be used for all cutting techniques but are especially good for slicing because of the ultra-sharp edge. Convex blades are made from solid stainless steel which means the blades are a little heavier than bevelled-edge ones. The manufacturing process is similar to that used to make Samurai swords and because it is a long and skilled process, convex-bladed scissors are usually more expensive than bevelled-edge ones. They are best suited to more experienced hairdressers. But, with regular care, theses sheers will last your entire life! 

Caring for your Blades:  Don't use clipper oil to lubricate them but a proper mineral-based scissor oil (Any bss) and keep them in a leather pouch if possible.

SO! Do you have the BEST sheers for your hair? What are the best sheers for your kinky hair? How did you select you current sheers?

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