Saturday, June 29, 2013

Big Chop  VS Transitioning...... The age old question!

 If you're insane/obsessed with coils, like me, you've read all you can on taking the next step. I have spent hours in Beauty Supply Stores, pouring over products, ingredients, and hair magazines. I even stop random curly queens on the street,  asking about their journey, preferred products, and styling tips. And this was all before I picked up a pair of scissors. 

 I watched my BFF Big chop, and rock her dark Cesar with fierce confidence, & chandelier earrings, to corporate offices, & family events. As her Cesar grew into a twa (Teeny Weeny Afro), her rage of styles grew as well. "Its all about the accessories" she says. I say its about the confidence. I hesitated for years after she BC'd. Back then, there was something so comforting, about my familiar glossy/flat styles. I couldn't let it go. Not just yet. Despite my BFF's success, Fresh out of college I had so many worries.   Can I interview with my coils? Will I get the Job? Will my Boo like it? What will my family say? Will I Still be "Cute"? Armed with Knowledge, and a bit of reassurance from friends, I JUMPED!!  After the first Snip, there was no turning back. I big chopped! 


 Whether  you decide to "Big Chop" (Cut it all off) or "Transition" (Let it grow out, and trim often), letting go of the "Creamy Crack" and all of its habits can be difficult, daunting, and scary. I had relaxed my hair since I was 4 years old (insane!).  I had no clue how to care for my natural hair, what it even looked like, or what it needed to thrive. Glossy, flat styles were all I had ever known. I could wrap my hair in my sleep. My Saturdays were spent in the salon. Water & Rain were my sworn enemies, & "Hair Grease" was my bff. For me,  Embracing my curls meant embracing a new lifestyle. My Saturdays were MINE once again! I no longer dodged rain drops, but welcomed the added moisture, and carefree moments that came along with it. I tossed out my combs,  & shampoo (More on that later). And with the cash I saved, from firing my hairdresser, & purchasing 100% natural oils & butters, I  was able splurge on Silk bed sheets & Pillowcases! 

 1st time I was able to braid my hair after BC


As my hair continues to grow, my routine changes. As the season change, my hair requires different things. I'm constantly evaluating the health of my hair and adapting my techniques  to work with it.  
 Pineapple  1yr
Twistout 18months
Old Twistout 2 Years
Pineapple 27months
Twistout on Stretched hair 31 Months

 If you thinking about making a change, I suggest 3 things Research, Adapt, Jump, Adapt again

Feel free to SHARE your stories with the 4b 4c Hair Community on Goggle Plus What was your motivation to go natural? How was your experience received? Where do you stand now? How often to you adapt your routine?

Peace & Love