Thursday, July 10, 2014

Meet This Curly Girl

Meet This Curly Girl

Name_____Débora Cunha____________
Occupation___Technical Textile___________
Location____São Paulo/Brazil_____________

IndigenousCurls       How long have you been natural? What is Your hair type? What made you decide to go natural?  How was your new style received by:  Friends, Family, Co-workers?
Débora Says: I've been natural since 2012, when I started my transition.  4 years of natural hair. My hair is 4A. Some parts are more dry, like the curls at the top of my head, and there are some other parts in the back of my head where the curls are more defined.

IndigenousCurls     3 Product Must Haves, and why.
My 3 products  must have for me are coconut oil, flex seed gel and aloe vera.

  IndigenousCurls    2 Things you wish you knew Before going natural
I wish I would of known that I would have to deal with judgmental people and that everyday is a surprise, especially when my hair is in bad mood...

 IndigenousCurls    1 word to describe your hair. Why?
Confidence! After I assume my natural hair, this bring me more confidence, more than I ever could imagine. I feel so special and so unique. Is the best part of me and makes me a better woman, knowing my natural beauty, knowing that i'm beautiful the way I'm.
   IndigenousCurls says: I LOve it!!!!  

  IndigenousCurls  What is your  “Go to” hair style, when all else fails?
Afro Puff, simple and lifesaving! hahaha
 IndigenousCurls says: Me too! Out the Door in under 10mins, and still looks dope!

 IndigenousCurls says:     Where can readers follow your journey?
You can follow me in everywhere...
Instagram: @debora_ninja

Final words
  I'm from Brazil and   most  of the girls are inspired from american girls, like me! So this makes me very happy! It's very good to share experiences and tell to other girls "Don't give up!" or "You are beautiful!". So, thank you for this opportunity!

IndigenousCurls says:   Thanks Debora for sharing. Debora is a super cool curly girl, feel free to reach out, with any questions or comments, and tell her Indigenous Curls sent you!