Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dont Play the Waiting Game... Live it Up!


We spend a good portion of our lives waiting. We wait on lines, we wait in traffic, we wait on hold over the phone. One study shows that we spend hours, and hours of our lives waiting. Over the course of your life you will spends months, or even years waiting! This begs me to ask: Are you waiting for your curls to grow out?

Many curly girls patiently , anxiously wait for the day their curls can fit into a puff.  With length check t shirts, miracle growth oils, and methods that  encourage you  do everything including, hanging upside down, it’s hard to miss the constant push for longer thicker curls. However, those curly girls who are waiting for their curls to grow, are missing something magical. 

Are you hiding your stands in the hopes of one day revealing a thick, long mass of curls? Why wait?!  Each stage of your hair journey holds something special. At some point you will have to retire your short hairstyles, as your hair grows.  So enjoy their short styles while you can!  While your hair is short, Live it up!  As your read this be encouraged to rock your curls, as they grow to your length goals. Play around with your curls, try various styles that work with your current length. Stop waiting , and enjoy the journey, each inch of the way! I have spoken to many curly girls who cover their curls in the hope that they will eventually reveal long luscious hair. Unfortunately, those girls are missing out on some of the best TWA days of their lives. Nothing slays like a fierce cropped cut, or a fly curly mini fro. Add a vibrant color, and enjoy how little time it takes to pamper your shorter hair. There are so many reasons to love your curls no matter the length. So stop waiting, and start enjoying your curls, every inch of the way!