Tuesday, July 1, 2014

LOC 101

Top Tips

Layer the Liquid, Oil, and cream products on your hair section by section. Be generous with the products. Take this time to also detange your curls. Be sure to apply the Liquid First. Layering the Oil, and Cream, will help to lock moisture into your curls!

Be sure to keep you ends gathered, or your hair stretched until the liquid dries. Keeping your curly hair in twists, or braids will help you tackle your massive curls with ease.

L.O.C Every 2-3 days or as often as needed. Even when your hair is in a protective style you should continue a moisture regimen to limit shedding.

Perfect way to keep curls soft in between wash days.

You can use various types of oil, and creams to lock in moisture. You can mix and match your preferred oils and products for a custom blend that is perfect for You!

Not All products mix well. Experiment to see what products work well together. Some products tend to flake, and react with each other. Mix and match to find a custom combination that leaves your curls happy.


Rose Water
Leave In


Tee Tree
Sunflower Seed
Grape Seed
Rasberry seed


Styling cream
Palm Butter

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