Friday, October 11, 2013

Curls in Poetry


Here’s a little curl poetry for today

I am Just Loving Me Some Nappy Nappy!

irl I know what your thinking but I aint going there.
I'm talking about your kinky, style of hair
I like to see them curls up on your head
your afro puffs, your twist your dreads
Your braids are the one thing that I crave
When I see you on the street I misbehave
Some me like feet
but hair is my fetish
A nappy headed diva is the one I cherish
You make me do a double take
get love struck and happy
I'm just lovin me some nappy nappy!

Just lovin me some nappy nappy

I mean a wigs aiight extensions and tracks, but aint nothing poppin like those kitchen naps
you got me time traveling going way back
to the boom bap, land of the drum
hair blowing in the wind
vibin with the sun
You fine nappy diva you number 1
You make me do a double take
get love struck and happy
I'm just lovin me some nappy nappy!

Hey girlfriend, how are you today?
Why do you wear your hair in such nap-ish little
ways? You know if you straightened it just what the guys 
may say? It doesn't even matter, they wouldn't get the time
of day! I don't mean to be rude and I don't want to offend,
but you know I love you right, I mean you are my
best friend!
No need to apologize, no offense was taken! The 
beauty that I posses, it comes from me not fakin'
From the tip of my crown that is indeed the GLORY
to the soles of my feet, that brought me along
this journey
To satisfy, not the world, not man and not friend,
but to be content in my own skin was the broken heart I
needed to mend!
So hey back to you girlfriend and the next time
you come my way, remember these words and what a 
By: Eryn L. Shiflet

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