Saturday, September 28, 2013

Top 8 Ways to Close Your Cuticles & Trap Moisture

Top 8 Ways to Close Your Cuticles
Trap Moisture 

Is your hair difficult to manage. Does your strands tangle easily? Is your hair a nightmare to detangle?  Are you constantly fighting frizz? Does your hair have difficulties keeping wash day moisture? Your hair cuticles may be to blame.

Your Hair Cuticle 

The hair cuticle is the outermost part of the hair shaft made up of dead cells that protect the inner structure of the hair and give hair strength. It looks very much like overlapping layers of roof shingles.
When the cuticle is lying flat or closed it allows light to be reflected off the surface giving hair a natural sheen. Since curly hair grows in a curvaceous manner, the cuticle is less likely to lie flat, which makes it more difficult to reflect light and maintain shine. Think of curving a shingled roof – the shingles begin to separate and open up.

An open cuticle also causes moisture to escape from the inner structure of the hair, causing hair to become dryer and coarser in feeling. A closed cuticle is a happy cuticle.

Top 8 Ways to close your cuticles and increase shine! 

  1. Cool water rinse after conditioning
  2. Apple cider vinegar treatment
  3. Smooth products into the hair in a downward motion from root to end
  4. Acidic hair products
  5. Cold Air (winter months)
  6. Rinsing your hair with warm water followed by applying a refrigerated leave in conditioner (my preference)
  7. Acidic fruits. Vitamin C is acidic and has the added bonus of being an antioxidant. Natural sources of vitamin C include amla (Indian gooseberry), Roselle, lemon, lime and many other citrus fruits. Some of the berries that are acidic include cranberry, strawberry, raspberry etc. generally, fruits and berries that are less ripe tend to be more astringent.
  8. Black Tea Rinse