Friday, September 20, 2013

The Beautiful Thing about Beauty

The beauty about beauty is that it’s subjective. We all crave and admire life from different perspectives.  This simple thought is something that many of us take for granted, very often, when it comes to hair. Many of us spend hours trying to craft the perfect style each and, every time. Allowing room for imperfections seems ludicrous. Primping, and panicking to ensure perfect ringlets, waves, smooth edges, and immaculate wash n go's.  But from the outside in, Beauty is in the imperfections. Even that crazy bushy, gravity defying hair is perfect. For example, Bantu Knots when done meticulously, you can have carbon copy curls that evoke envy for days, but a perfectly imperfect knot out is perfect within its own right.

Next time your hair is giving you a hard time, try going the way of "beautiful imperfection", I  set my Bantu Knots  with a Shea oil mix and let my hair do what it do. I love the clumped curls, slight frizz & ease of it all. Sometimes, I try to gather my hair into perfectly equal sections for perfectly equally over-sized twists, and it  can be daunting. One of the great things about curly hair is that even when we don’t have hair that comes out as exact as we had intended no one else around ever seems to notice. Even if you are obsessing  someone over your shoulder is admiring. To them your hair is awesome, cool and fabulous. When you throw "perfection" to the wind, you end up with the hair that strangers stop to tell you they wish they could have themselves.
Now get out the mirror, and go flaunt that perfectly, imperfect beauty! Just a couple of simple ingredients and a positive attitude about your hair can get you far. Messy hair is sexy and  imperfect curls, updos, braids and frizz is the real beauty of it all. You are already everything you need to be. You are, in fact, Everything. Breathe it all in.....