Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Where to Turn for Your Curl Questions?

When you have a problem, it seems like everyone has a solution.  Going natural, you will run into questions, and issues along your journey. If you're on the receiving end of advice, ask the person about their success (or failure) with the suggestions they're giving.P
Now, you don't want to be rude ("How did it work for you?" is more polite than "Oh, yeah? Prove it!"), but asking about their situation allows you to separate hard-earned experience from idle guesses.  Asking the right questions allows you to learn more about their perspective and figure things out for yourself:P
This simple change uncovers the usually hidden backstory of your advisors’ opinions and also allows you, as the listener, to benefit from their experience by drawing your own conclusions rather than feeling bullied, misguided or overwhelmed by their recommendations.P
Ideally, you'll get the best advice from those who have similar hair type and porosity, & have already achieved what you want in your journey. Unfortunately, there are people out there who love to help, but are barely able. Either because their hair is completely different from your own, or because they just simply give bad advice, not enough details, or depth behind the tutorial. By diving deeper  into the stories behind some advice, you may be able to separate the wheat from the cliché analogies and platitudes, and poor curl advice. 
Save your self a headache and be sure to do the following when seeking curl advice.
1. Are your strands similar? Both Type/texture and Porosity. 
2. Is their hair healthy?
3. How can I apply this to me?
4. Is this advice best for my hair?
5.  Be sure to constantly analyze advice and discontinue anything your hair rejects. 
6. Listen to your hair, she is constantly speaking. Be sure to answer with nourishment and kindness.