Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Whats in My Shower June 2013

Whats in My Shower June 2013

I'm a certified product junkie. Heres What Im using this month.

Current Product Regimen: 
 I Co wash with VO5 Tee Tree Clarifying Conditioner 

Coat My hair with Aussie Moist for 10mins

After rinsing I use Dr Miracle Leave in, on damp (Not dripping) hair

On nearly dry hair I apply a generous amount to coconut oil, and Castor oil to my hair. 

Before my hair is completely dry I mix a few drops of tea tree oil with shea butter and massage my scalp

Currently My hair is in a braided protective style, and I'm participating in the "No length check" Challenge until september.  (Singing: No length Checks, No Length Checks, No Length Checks No, No, No) 

I was able to find most of these products at walgreens, and GNC