Friday, July 5, 2013

Transitioning Tips

Transitioning Tips

Newly  natural? Don't want to the 'Big Chop'? Keep reading! 

5 Tips on blending

As your natural hair grows, your may have to find ways to blend your straight ends with your curly roots. 

Tip #5 |  Press It

Worst Way to Blend & Transition  | My Hair Reverting after 10Mins

When I first decided to go natural, I had a hard time trying to keep my hair straight. My 4c strands  would frizz then completely revert with any humidity.  I wasn't yet ready to let go of the glossy weaves. Determined to hold on, I often pressed my curly roots to blend better with my weaves. My hair didn't remain straight for long. By the time I got to my car, my pressed hair turned Into a fluffy mess. On the humid days, I needed another option. But most important the constant heat (even low heat, & with heat protectant) was damaging my hair, and stunting my length retention. 

Tip#4 |Extensions

Oddly enough my  most recent journey to natural hair started with extensions. I had Big Chopped and got discouraging reactions from my Boyfriend and my Mother. I wasn't in love with my short 4c coils, so I decided to braid it. Protective styling is key for length retention. Keeping your ends tucked away, allows your hair to grow while minimizing manipulation, leading to less breakage and damage.   Extensions allows me to keep up the styles longer.  There are so many ways to style them!

Tip# 3 | Embrace the curl

 Months into my journey my TWA was thriving underneath twist and braids. I begin to limit the amount of heat on my hair, but I wasn't ready to give up  glossy weaves. I begin to research for the best weaves to blend with 4c hair.  Here's what I found:

Bohemian hair 

I was able to work best with this type of hair. I would weave most of my hair, leaving out only a 3 x2 inch section. I would work with that section, twisting, braiding, or banding, Bantu knotting it loosen the curl. I would also used flax seed gel or, edge control to keep my edged in check. I would keep a silk scarf of until the gel drys and spray homemade oil sheen on my strands to complete.

Marley hair
Great for branding and loose ponytails, and buns. 

Jerri curl

A short Jerri Curl weave was the closest to my "wash n go" Hair

Tip #2 |Add Texture to Straight Ends

Often times I found myself reaching for a flat iron to keep my roots in check. I later found it was so much easier to make my straight ends appear textured. 

Braid outs


Bantu knots

Rod sets, Flat twist outs, and much much more!

These sets allowed me to curl my limp ends with no heat.  Once I found the best method for my hair, styling became a breeze, and I retained more length.

Tip #1 |All We need is Love 

No matter how you plan to transition,  the number one tip I can give is to LOVE. Love your curls. Love your hair. Love the journey. 

Love your curls
Embrace that your hair is unique. No one in the world is quite like you. Revel in that! Methods used by others may not work for you. Products other swear by may real havoc on your strands. Listen to your hair, and it will thrive 

Love your hair
Give it tender care and affection.  Protect it at night.  Provide it with nutrients. Deep condition it. Take your time finger detangling it. Oil it. Trim it.

Love the journey
With each healthy inch your routine and methods may have to change.  Adapt and go with it. Natural hair is incredibly versatile.  You may not be able to do a massive  twist out today. Rock those palm coils with fierce confidence,  you may end up missing those cut cropped cuts

Peace & Love