Monday, July 22, 2013

Hair Typing and Why It Is Important

Hair Typing
Why It Is Important

I had my first relaxer when I was 4. I continued to relax my hair for many years, and when I decided to go natural, I had no idea what to expect. As my natural hair grew in, it required completely different care, compared to my relaxed hair.  Water was my sworn enemy.  Irons were my friends.  I minimized oils, as they made my hair heavy, and greasy. All of this changed when I cut the relaxed ends.  For a while, I was stuck with a new head of hair, and no knowledge of how to care for it, or how to style it.  I began to search online for answers..

 I graduated cosmetology school  7 years ago. Hair type was never  discussed. I knew my hair was fine, despite its inherent mass. I also knew my hair was porous. The only thing I knew for sure about my curls:

The amount of coil, wave, or lack thereof, is dependent on the number of disulfide bonds between hair proteins found in the hair shaft; the greater the number of links, the curlier the hair, and the fewer the number of links, the straighter the hair. But I needed to know more about My Hair.

First I Googled natural hair. That didn't yield much information for  me.  I was coming across loosely coiled hair, that did not resemble my own. Next I Googled Afro hair. Aside from a few afro wigs, and groovy old school photos,  I was on to something!  As I searched a bit more, I came across this hair chart.

Going through a visual list, I narrowed down the best way to describe my hair.Finally a starting point! I was able to research other potential  properties  my curls may have.  I was able to search for others who were dealing with similar issues, and what they were using to combat them.  I also began to note new hair idols. I’m fascinated how long 4c hair can grow when properly cared for.  I believe hair typing is just a reference point. No 2 heads are alike. Hair Typing gives the ability to group hair tendencies, and move forward with a plan of action.. From this list I began searching 4c hair.

You know what I found? 
 Its so versatile! Form curls, to coils, to waves, and puffs, and back again! 
Its not  difficult, if you know what you’re doing.  
It can be soft. It can grow. 
It Can look like hers (whoever your obsessing over)  it just takes a few steps.

My unbiased  biased opinion: It’s the BEST!  Hair typing is necessary. It helps new naturals associate with a new world.  It encourages  discourse.  At the very least, it gives me a topic to google.  I love my 4c coils. I Have nothing against those who don’t like the typing system.  I also notice those people who despise the hair typing chart, usually have 4c hair…. Just an observation…..

Google your hair type. What do  you see? How do you feel about it?