Thursday, July 18, 2013

Meet This Curly Girl | Raquel

Meet This Curly Girl |  Raquel

Meet Curly Girl Raquel! 
From: Buffalo, NY

Indigenous Curls: How long have you been natural?
Raquel: I have been natural for 3 days now, and I just recently big chopped! 

Indigenous Curls: Welcome! Did you Transition or Big Chop? 
Raquel: I wanted to transition but I got frustrated dealing with the two different textures. On a prior attempt to go natural, I gave in to a relaxer. So, this time I big chopped because there is no turning back! My hair type is a 4c. I decided to go natural because ultimately I want to start twisting my hair for dreads. 

Indigenous Curls: How did family and friends react?
Raquel: For the most part the cut was well received by most of my friends and family/ One exception   my mother, but she doesn't like the idea of a hair cut so I knew she would be upset that I cut my hair off.

Indigenous Curls: Same here,  2 years after my BC, my mother is still "Getting Used" to it. What type of products do you use?
Raquel: I don't use a wide variety of products. Currently I  use all of the Cantu hair products. I personally like them because of the way it makes my hair feel, it definitely hydrates your hair, and it helps bring out my natural curl as well. For my scalp though I use a "glossifier" by KeraCare on their line of products for dry and itchy scalp. It has menthol in it so it gives your scalp a cooling sensation. I had natural hair before so I knew what to expect and before I did my big chop I researched things for a week before making my final decision.

Indigenous Curls: One word to describe your hair?
Raquel: One word to describe my hair is Curly. That's literally what it is currently until it grows in. 

Indigenous Curls: Go to Styles? I Love Twistouts and Braidouts,  what styles have you tried?
Raquel: My go to style is currently moisturize and go.
Indigenous Curls: Simple enough! I love it!

Raquel:  I don't have way too much hair to do a major style so all I do is use Cantu's daily moisturizer and my hair curls up or I can comb it out and it'll look like a tiny fro.
Indigenous Curls: I love a well maintained TWA! So many options, between accessories, headbands, and clips.... Where can we follow you?

Raquel:  I currently haven't posted any pictures yet but in about two months you can follow my journey at 
Indigenous Curls: Im anxiously awaiting the big reveal! Your hair rocks! I can see it in palm coils now!

Indigenous Curls: Any final words for Readers?
Raquel's Final Words: For anyone wanting to do the "big chop" always remember its just hair. it will grow back. 

Thank You Raquel for sharing your Hair Story with Us. If you would like to be featured Visit the Contact Us Page for further information. 

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