Monday, June 9, 2014

Open Letter

Open Letter to a Transitioning girl

Dear Transitioning Curly Girl
Your curls are growing every day, no need for a daily length check! Whether you are newly natural,  or returning to our curls, there are some things we need to talk about.
First off, let’s celebrate, Saturdays are yours once again. No more spending hours in a salon to get your hair laid! Go ahead and put that money back in your pocket, you are now your own stylist. You can set your hair over night for defined ringlets, or simply put a flower in your puff, and head out the door! As we dance out the door, go ahead and leave that  umbrella! That’s right, no more running from the rain. Enjoy the carefree moments a little drizzle can bring. While our straight hair girlfriends run from the rain drops, your curls will only benefit! One of the top mistakes new naturals make, is not getting enough moisture. Water, aloe, coconut water, and leave in conditioners will all keep your kinks moist, soft, and healthy. Moisturize daily, you curls will thank you! Water may be a new addition to your styling and daily hair care, be sure to use it generously, and follow up with oil. Heat is now your frenemy. Heat can be used to help a deep conditioner penetrate deep, but it can also cause irreparable damage to your curls. Use heat tools on a low setting, to stretch curls. As often as possible, opt for heatless methods to stretch your curls.
Time for a little tough talk. Lets face it, all we ever want is good looking hair. Healthy hair always looks good. Be sure to use a heat protectant, cooler settings on heat tools, and moisturize daily to keep curls healthy. Now about that elephant in the room,  shrinkage. Shrinkage is  built in protection. Shrinkage keeps your hair from constantly dragging against your clothing. Shrinkage also allows you to play with various lengths without actually cutting your hair. Bra strap length locks today, curly bob in the morning. Shrinkage allows your curls to beat manipulation damage, as well as be versatile. Enjoy it! There is no beating it! The sooner you realize that you hair will always shrink, and revert, the better! There are things you can do to delay, or limit shrinkage, but know that shrinkage will always be a part of your life.  No Sulking allowed, because I have more tough talk for you.  It is best to have no expectations when growing out your curls for the first time. Do not automatically expect your baby hair to grow back! That hair is long gone! You will never have HER curls (whoever you are obsessing over). That’s right get off youtube, and get in the mirror! You will only have Your curls, the curls you were born with. If your hair is type 3, then your hair is type 3. Nothing short of a chemical treatment will change this. You can set your hair different ways to achieve a different look, as natural hair is known for the ability to pull off various looks, and mimic various textures.  The sooner you accept what your curls can do the better. Don’t be mad, cut it out, no curl envy allowed. Love what you have, and learn to rock that. If your curls started to grow in and you don’t like what you see, you will need to experiment to find what looks work for you. Enjoy your journey. Hair only grows ¼ inch a month, so there is no rushing it. You can buy all the pills, and topical creams you want, regardless, hair will grow in its own time. There is nothing you can do to get your  twa  down to your waist in a year.  SO just sit back, relax, and enjoy every stage. Soon you’ll be reminiscing about your twa days, and complaining about your lengthy wash days.
Don’t believe the hype.  Do enjoy the ride.

Indigenous Curls