Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Meet This Curly Teen! | Izzie

Meet This Curly Teen! |  Izzie

Name : Izzie R.
Occupation Student
Location Kingston, Jamaica
1.     IndigenousCurls:   How long have you been natural?  
       Izzie Says:
I have been natural for 1 year and 8 months. I did my big chop 9 months ago.
      IndigenousCurls: What is Your hair type?
       Izzie Says:
I think my type is 3c to 4a. I went natural because my hair was damaged and breaking from relaxers and coloring.
Also, I have a lot of self esteem problems and figured that making the move to accept my natural hair would help to boost my self esteem and try to make me more confident.
  IndigenousCurls Says:   Its  wonderful to see a beautiful girl accept herself  just the way she was created!   
         IndigenousCurls:  How was your new style received by:  Friends, Family, Classmates?
       Izzie Says:
 Everyone was really happy about my hair because they all loved my hair natural (from seeing new growth) before.
         IndigenousCurls:  3 Product Must Haves, and Why?
       Izzie Says:
 My  product must haves are Coconut Oil because it does EVERYTHING, Glycerin because I live in a hot, dry climate and a humectant helps to retain moisture and Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque because it makes my hair soft and moisturized.

       IndigenousCurls:   2 Things you wish you knew Before going natural
         Izzie Says:
"I wish that I knew how much I would love it!" 
I would have never relaxed my hair to begin with. I also wish that I knew how to manage my hair being that it is thick.

       IndigenousCurls  1 Word to describe your hair. Why?
      Izzie Says:
Stubborn! My hair does what it wants all the time. I love it though.
IndigenousCurls Says:   YESOur hair does what it wants! 

8.      IndigenousCurls: Go to” hair style, when all else fails.
          Izzie Says:
 My go to style will always be a bun
9.       \
      IndigenousCurls:  Where can readers follow your journey?
They can check me out on Instagram @izziebadsuh and on Tumblr myworldofcurls.tumblr.com

Final words
Izzie Says:
Embrace your natural hair! That’s part of what makes you who you are!