Thursday, May 29, 2014

HOW TO | CO-Wash Natural Hair

Depending on the state of your hair, you can choose different ways to tackle wash day. The condition of your curly hair can range from a Tangled mess, to Protective style recovery, just plain dirty. Follow theses fool proof techniques to tame, and hydrate your curls. You can create your own conditioner, or use a store brought conditioner to clean your curls.

Tangled Mess
Hair is shrunken, matted, tangled, with lent, but still has good moisture balance and normal shedding.
Kinky hair is known for shrinkage, constant tangles, and knots. If this sounds like your hair, follow theses tips for a easy breezy wash day with limited shedding.
Hair is weakest when wet. Tightly coiled hair can easily become tangled. This combination can spell disaster for kinky natural hair.
Because the hair is matted, shrunken, and tangled. adding water to your hair will only compound theses issues. Before you let any water touch your curls, you will need to either do an oil rinse, or pre poo over night. Using generous amounts of your preferred oil, use your fingers to gently coat your strands, and separate tangled hair. As you complete each section, be sure to add a few drops of a moisturizer, as you detangle. To keep your hair in check, be sure to gather the ends, or twist detangled sections.

Brittle And Dry
Hair is hard, and breaking. Hair seems dry and oily. Alot of shedding
Is your kinky hair breaking? Is your natural hair oily with alot of shedding? Follow these tips to revive your curls
Your hair is lacking moisture. Maintain healthy natural hair is a constant balance, of strength from protein, and moisture from conditioners. Even if you are providing your curls with good oils, your hair also needs protein, and water, to keep its bonds strong. To beat brittle hair there are a few things you can do. Tea Rinse: bring water to a boil, and add black tea, or  peppermint tea. Use this as a final rinse after co washing. Apple Cider Vinegar: Dilute ACV and use as a final rinse after co washing. The acidic mixture will close the outter most layer of your hair strand, trapping moisture. Deep Conditioner: Store brought or DIY  deep conditioner with heat,  can be used to open your hair cuticles and allow moisture and nutrients to enter your hair shaft leaving your hair, healthy and conditioned. Be sure to Use the L.O.C method to keep curls moist and healthy

Dirty Curls
Hair is just dirty, Fighting flakes? Sensitive scalp? Give these tips a try for clean soft curls.

Section hair and apply generous amounts of oil from tip to root. Take this time to detange any knots, and remove any shed hairs.  Braid or twist hair in 10 sections ( 5 on each side). Sectioning hair before washing makes the process much easier for those who get overwhelmed with the mass of kinks, and curls. I use conditioner by the hand full, applying a handful to each section, and allow 10mins for the conditioner to saturate the twist before rinsing. Washing highly textured hair helps to avoid tangles, and makes everything go quicker. Use  tee tree oil, and cool aloe juice to soothe an, itchy, irritated scalp.

Protective Style Recovery

Just removed your protective style? Here are the steps natural girls can take to revive their curls.

Be sure to remove protective styles with oily fingers. The added slip from the oil makes removal a breeze, and helps to limit breakage. Be sure to follow any protective style with a protein based deep conditioner. You may want to try methods like the Green House Method to help restore your curls moisture balance. The key to a low shedding take down is keeping your hair moisturized while it is in the protective style.