Friday, May 23, 2014

Meet This Curly Teen!

Meet This Curly Teen!  |  Jurnee 

Name: Jurnee A. 
Occupation: Student 
Location: Texas 

IndigenousCurls: How long have you been natural? What is Your hair type?
Jurnee Says
I've been natural since birth, but I've been heat damage free for almost 2 years. My hair type is
so random! Some places I'm a 3c, other places I'm 3b, and other places are 4a/4b!
I've been natural my
whole life but when I was about 10 I was introduced to my love of the flat iron! I straightened my curls
all year for about 2-3 years! When I was in middle school I was sick of my dad complaining about the
"cooked hair smell" so I put an end to my silky straight days! My curls were NOT received well by my
classmates, we all know how cruel middle school children are, I was ridiculed nearly everyday. They
eventually figured out the "black cloud" wasn’t going anywhere and left me alone. My family on the
other hand loved it! My mom's natural also so we are each other's cheerleaders.
IndigenousCurls Says:   Its wonderful that you are each other's support system! Just beautiful!

IndigenousCurls Asks:  Product Must Haves, and Why?
Jurnee Says
1.BB Oil Moisturizer with castor oil is a hidden gem! My hair gets oily very fast, so I'm often
faced with the challenge of finding a moisturizing product that won't leave my hair feeling like I have a
Jheri Curl. This product is super hydrating and leaves my hair fluffy and soft.
2.Paul Mitchell's Full Circle Leave-In Treatment in their curls line. The first thing that comes to
mind is its AMAZING smell! If it was possible to harness the smell of love and Chanel no. 5 with a little
pixie dust I'm pretty sure the outcome would be this leave-in. And if the smell wasn’t enough the
moisture is incredible! It does exactly what it says it does. Adds shine, moisture, and even volume which
is really needed for naturally saggy, flat hair like mine.
3.Joico Moisture Recovery Conditioner! When my hair is dying of dehydration from the brutal
Texas heat, this product brings it right back to life.

IndigenousCurls Asks  Things you wish you knew Before going natural? 
Jurnee Says
Well I've always been natural, but If I could tell myself something before I started straightening my curls,  I would tell 10 year old me that having almost waist length straight hair isn't everything! And that
"You'll still be fly with curls."And eventually all the rude comments will stop!

IndigenousCurls Asks  1 Word to describe your hair. Why? 
Jurnee Says
I describe my hair as Wild. Much like its owner my hair does what ever it wants to do and people
around it, especially me, have to learn to roll with it!

IndigenousCurls Asks “Go To” Hair Style, when all Else Fails…
Jurnee Says
My go to hair style is definitely my messy bun! I didn’t even know that messy looks were cute,
but I'm glad they are!
IndigenousCurls Says:  There is so much beauty in simple little imperfections! Beauty is subjective and always shines from within! We just love the ease of a messy bun!

IndigenousCurls: Where can readers follow your journey? 
You can follow my hair journey on instagram @jvrnee

Final Words? 
 Jurnee Says

Ditch the heat, moisture is your bff, don't be ashamed of what grows from your scalp it's the 
coolest hair you'll ever wear! 

 IndigenousCurls Thanks This Curly Teen For Sharing her Beautiful Curls!