Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Why is My Hair Curly?

Why is your hair curly?

The simple answer is genetics. Your parents,  grandparents, or great grandparents had curly hair. Due to this, you were born with curly hair. We dive a bit deeper into curly hair.....
Hair Texture Type Chart

If you have curly hair, you have curved follicles.
 Your curved follicle is where your hair is formed. As your hair grows, it is grown in the shape of your follicles.  Curved follicles are the reason each strand of hair has a curved or, curly shape.

Best practices to beat Frizz

Curly hair can quickly become dry if left untreated. The natural sebum (oil), from your scalp often cannot travel down the bends, and curves of your curly hair strand. The natural sebum is supposed to coat your hair strand, and lock in moisture from wash day. Be sure to treat your hair with nutrient rich oils and butters to lock in moisture, and avoid frizz.   

Your best defense against frizz, is moisture. Stay away from drying gels, and crunchy hairsprays, that leave your hair brittle. If you use color, be sure to use deep conditioners more often. Be generous when using conditioners, and allow enough time for the conditioners to penetrate the hair strand. Pineapple, or mini pineapple at night.

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