Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Time Curl Care

After winter dumped 56 inches of snow on my town, I can help but celebrate the end of this winter. Thank Goodness spring has returned! Goodbye polar vortex, hello warm sunshine! Now that spring has returned, we can toss those knit hats, and let our curls down. As the spring time sun hits your curls, you will have to shift your focus to keep your curls healthy all year long. 

I already put my winter hats away, and the sun is shinning.  In the Spring, and summer months,  be sure to layer your hair (and skin) with protection against the elements. While you are out enjoying the beautiful weather, be sure to protect your strands against the sun.  UV exposure can break down hair proteins, causing hair to look dull and weaken hair’s tensile and physical properties. This damage is more intense on the outer regions of the hair shaft, so people with thick strands have more natural resilience against UV damage than those with fine hair, who can experience more damaged hair. 

Thus, the connection between hair and sun can be bigger than expected, and it can impact the appearance of your hair. Want to keep your kinks shiny, use these popular oils, and butters, when sealing your ends to protect your 'fro from the sun. If the sun has already taken its toll on your strands reach for a protein based conditioner to revive your tired strands. 

Year round I use shea butter, and coconut oil as part of my hair care routine. I suggest you add one of these natural oils and butters to your daily routine to avoid damage from the sun.


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