Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day-3 TWA hair! | Details & Products

Day-3 TWA  |  Details & Products

By Fola of Fola's Oasis

I recently  raved and raved about Sofn' Free 2-in-1 curl activator and moisturizer lotion. Here is my 3-DAY HAIR pics. Sadly I do not have the fresh, cute Day 1 picture! I planned to take a pic when I was done but I had to rush out of the house on my way somewhere so I just totally forgot! Now I think this hair would have looked much better if I had protected it well at night-but I forgot my silk scarf at it looked quite untidy in the morning. But the point I'm tryna make here is: it don't look bad for 3-Day hair! I'm really digging this product. My slept-on, day 3 hair says it all!


- Prepoo with coconut oil for 3 hrs
-Cowash with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Breakage Defender and VO5 strengthening conditioner
-Rinsed thoroughly and while soaking wet, applied a dollop of ORS Olive oil replenishing conditioner
-Immediately followed with a very generous amount of Sofn' Free curl activator
-Used a denman to comb out and detangle gently (this was made easy due to the earlier processes)
-Started doing twists all over
-My arms started aching. All over
-Persevered with Radiohead, The Corrs, and Luther Vandross keeping me company
-Kept spraying water and a little of the curl activator as the hair began to dry
-Allowed to air dry (but I used the air dryer twards the end, because I was in a hurry)
-Unravelled twists 90 % through and not all the way.

The hair looked really cute & SOFT! I am gonna have to do this again in a few weeks. 

Indigenous Curls Thanks Fola for sharing her rocking Day 3 TWA!