Thursday, March 13, 2014

Heat is not so Bad

Heat is not so Bad 

After learning the best ways to stretch your hair heat free, you may flinch at the thought of putting a hot tool in your hair. However, it is completely possible to straighten your hair using heat tools, without suffering from thermal damage. Be warned, straighten your hair consistently, without taking the proper steps to protect your strands, will result in heat damage. Keep reading for the nitty, gritty details about how to straighten your kinky curls, without damaging your coils.

Let’s start with the Don’ts
Never use direct heat tools on dirty hair! Freshly washed and conditioner hair only!
Never use heat tools on the highest settings
Never apply heat to dry/thirsty ( not moisturized) hair
Never apply heat to your already heat stretched hair, just allow it to revert before conditioning and  stretching again

Be Sure to
Be sure to keep heat tools under 300 degrees to avoid damage
Be sure to use a heat protectant
Be sure to limit the number of passes for flat irons
Be sure to check heat when using hot combs on the stove
Be sure to cover hair at night so the style will last

To achieve the straightest look blow dry the hair in a downward motion. This will help to eliminate frizz. Some curly girls choose to use the tension method to begin to stretch their hair. While other curly girls use the chase method to begin the process, whatever you choose, be sure to use a heat protectant on your strands.

Chase Method- Follow the hot flat iron with a comb, to keep your curls detangled, separated, and stretched, as you apply heat. Gives a silky straight look.  This process Can be harsh on fine curls. Be sure to take your time, and straighten in small thin sections for the best look, and lasting results. 
Tension Method- on a low heat setting; apply heat with holding the hair stretched to promote a straighter look. Less likely to produce heat damage.

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