Thursday, November 28, 2013

Holiday Hair | 2 styles, Unlimited Options

Holiday Hair    |    2 Styles with Unlimited Options

The holidays bring family together, to laugh, talk, reflect,  and of course eat.  While the conversations are flowing, and food is being pass around the table, don’t let your kinky hair become an uncomfortable topic among less open minded family members. Blow them away with a breathtaking holiday hairstyle. As we all come together for the holidays, you may be struggling to find the perfect holiday hair style. Indigenous Curls shares breathtaking  holiday hairstyles  for any length, and  curl pattern.

Flat Twist
Flat twist are a great protective style. The options are nearly limitless, as far as patterns, and styles. Marley hair can be added for a big textured  bun, or to create chunkier flat twist. Flat twist keep your ends tucked away, and reaching your scalp to moisturize is easy when rocking this style. Correctly installed Flat twist can last for weeks, when you  moisturize, and cover at night. The ease of this style makes this style a no-brainer for vacationing naturals.  Another plus, this simple style makes getting through airport security check points less intrusive. It seems that big hair, is more likely to be searched when traveling.  To limit the chances of a TSA scalp massage, opt for a hairstyle that shows your scalp, and leaves little to the imagination. No matter your curl pattern, you can rock flat twist and blow your family away with your natural hair.

Mini Twists
Mini Twists are another natural hair style that keeps your ends tucked away, and skeptical family members at bay.  Mini twist can limit the amount of manipulation damage your hair faces each time you style. The individual twist are easy to moisturize, and can stand up to a dip in the Jacuzzi, pool, or any holiday plans you have up your sleeve.  Not only can these little wonders can show off your length, but mini twist can protect your ends. Correctly installed mini twists can last for weeks when properly moisturized, and covered each night. This is one style that can be transformed into many styles. Pull the mini twists into a festive updo,  or a high bun for a more posh look. From 3a-4c your curls will always look great in mini twists.

There are so many styling options for natural hair. Mini twists and flat twist are just two of many options for tightly coiled hair.