Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hands On Or Hands Off Policy?

Hair and Sex
 Hands On
 Hands Off

Indigenous Curls Asks:

Is your significant other allowed to touch your curls, or protective style during your most intimate moments? Do you have a hands on Policy, or a hands-off policy? Does Your policy change depending on your hairstyle?  We Ask a Curly Girl for her 2cents, and she chats with a few fellas to get their take on this topic.

 CurlyGirl From New York Says: Personally speaking nearly every woman that I know has expressed their inner desires to experience, or has experienced having their hair pulled during hot, steamy, and intense sex.   So, why do some women enjoy getting their hair pulled during sex?  From what I’m told, there may be many different reasons, depending on who you ask. For me, I enjoy complete submission to my strong, confident, powerful man. I would say during sex is the only time I submit to any ideas of being controlled, and  I don’t feel judged. 

That is my 2cents.
 Hair pulling during intimate moments  creates a unique pleasure and stimulation. Just the thought can send my temperatures rising, and my emotions spinning. Some may enjoy the feeling of being dominated,  while others may delight at the stimulation of hands running through their curls, or protective style. For some, that feeling can take them to pleasurable heights.
 I spoke with a few guys to get their take on Hair and Sex.  I found that  it's different for the men!  Their take? “We Love it!” They enjoy hair touching during sex in two ways.

 1.     They enjoy doing the pulling, our touching.
2.     They  also love the feeling of a woman running their fingers through their hair.
   Next time your man is going down, run your fingers through his hair and gently move your hand back and forth. You may just be his last meal! One key word that all the men I spoke with had in common; was Control. For them it's all about control.  

Indigenous Curls: Thank you CurlyGirl from New York for your 2cents. Sound Off! Hair and sex: is there a relationship? Do you have a policy?