Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Join Me in the 60 Day JBCO Challenge!

JBCO Challenge:

Join me as I tackle the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Challenge.

Here the Details!

I’m doing a 60 Day JBCO Challenge. Join me as I Incorporate this Amazing Oil into every part of my Hair Care Regimen.  If JBCO is too heavy for your strands there are options, lite JBCO, or regular castor oil, also give similar hair benefits. Join me as I Tackle this challenge! Snap a Day 1 Picture, and be sure to pick up 2 bottles of Castor Oil. 

I will apply a mix of oils to my scalp and hair when I seal. I will complete 10min scalp massages Daily. I will Incorporate JBCO in all Parts of my regimen Including:

Pre Poo: Before Cleaning my hair, I make sure to coat my strands with a protective and nourishing mix of oils.  During this challenge, I will incorporate JBCO in my PrePoo Oil Mix. I will saturate my strands with equal parts Coconut Oil, Argon oil, Sunflower oil, and JBCO for a few hours Before Co-washing.

Co-Wash: When Cleansing my hair and scalp, I use various  Slippery conditioners, to coat and cleanse my hair. During this challenge. I will incorporate JBCO in my conditioners, with  75% of the bottle filled with conditioner, the remaining 25% filled with JBCO.

Deep Conditioner:  I Deep Condition my hair every 2 weeks in the cooler months. I may deep condition more often if needed. I alternate  protein based conditioners with  alcohol based conditioners each time. No matter what type of deep conditioner I choose, I will mix in  10% JBCO during this challenge.  

Sealing: I seal my ends every 2-3 days. I seal my hair using a leave in, water, Shea butter, and oil. During the challenge, I will mix JBCO with raw sea butter, until creamy.  And use that cream to seal the conditioner in my hair.