Monday, August 26, 2013

How I Nursed My Heat Damaged Hair, and why I'm seeing results!

How I Nursed My Hair 
Back From Heat Damage

It’s not hard to fall victim to heat damage.  Pressing Combs, Flat Irons, Blow Dryers, Curling Irons, the options are many, when It comes to stretching your curls. I was caught in a damaging cycle, despite frequent deep conditioning treatments, and trims, my hair was breaking as fast as it was growing.  I was stuck in a mid-length rut! To give my strands a rest I put them  in a protective style, and maintained my moisture regimen, moisturizing every 3 days using waster, butters, and oils.
It wasn't  until I removed the protective style that was able to see just how much damage I had caused. The damage was compounded by a hot comb incident. My new growth was think, healthy, lively, and curly. My heat damaged ends, were straighter, dry, and brittle. There was a clear line of demarcation between the healthy hair,  and  my damaged ends.  I jumped into action, first researching  the types of damage.  Most hair damage is non-reversible.  What’s done is done.  I began to strengthen my porous  strands with protein,  alternating weekly deep conditioner treatments, with hot oil treatments. If you're unsure of your hair’s porosity, you can do a quick test at home to determine it.


Next  I micro Trimmed my ends, letting go of any split ends. Split ends cannot be permanently mended.  To avoid any further splitting, I trimmed the troubled ends.  This not only made detangling much easier, but styling as well. My twists appeared  thicker, and their definition lasted longer. After a day I did not miss those 2 inches of limp hair.

Lastly, I put my heat tools on Ice.  I kept the irons out of sight, and relied on protective styles, and low manipulation styles, for 2 months after first noticing heat damage. The Low manipulation, combined with a rigorous moisture, and strengthening  routine was a success!  Months later, my hair is much healthier,  noticeably longer,  and holds its style better than before.  I made 3 simple changes and my hair has not stopped thanking me. I was stuck in a heat-induced Rut, that was further compounded by a hot comb incident.  If you’re stuck in a rut, I suggest a few things:

Analyze- what are you doing? How is your hair reacting? Research Possible solutions

Act-  Make changes in your regimen, and note the changes in your hair.  Moisturize & Protect.  Avoid heat as much as possible. 

Adjust – You may not be able to step completely away from heat tools, but adjusting to a cooler setting, or using  them less are possible options.  And worthy sacrifices for healthy curls.

Heres The Progress in 90 days

Day 1
 No Bangs! Lots of Breakage Damaged Ends

Began Moisture and Deep Conditioner routine
Low Manipulation Styles 

Day 14

Trimmed Ends
Holding Definition Longer
Hair seems thicker, less breakage

Day 30

Removing Mini Twists Protective style
Finally Seeing Progress

Day 60